Stress-Free Life: How To De-Stress Your Mind And Body To Make You Feel Calm And At Peace

By Ellainie Calangian, Parent Herald March 22, 05:50 am

De-stressing your life can be very rewarding and helpful both in mind and body. If you de-stress your mind and body you will be renewed and can face the everyday grinds of living. This can also prevent you from certain health conditions such as depression, fatigue and anxiety.

Women's Health shares some simple ways in which you can de-stress and would feel more relaxed. The more you are relaxed the happier you will be.

1.  Meditate.

To de-stress your mind, have a peaceful meditation. According to a research, meditation can lower your blood pressure and heart rate. It can even improve your cognitive performance. You just simply go to a comfortable place, close your eyes and breathe. You may pray or think of something affirmative. Do not let anything distract your mind.

2.  Pamper yourself.

CNN states that you must counteract "anhedonia" if you want to de-stress your body. This is the time wherein you experience no pleasure in life. You de-stress by being kind to your body. Go to a salon or spa. You may also go to a restaurant and eat your favorite food or have your favorite drink.

3.  Do something you like.

Have some exercises or do something you enjoy such a baking a cake or pizza. You may also cook your favorite food or listen to your favorite music.

4.   Drink green tea.

Green tea has an ingredient called theanine that promotes relaxation. This amino acid stimulates the effects of caffeine which worsen the stress response. It is advisable that you avoid caffeinated beverages too.

5.  Eat foods that can boost your mood.

Food that have soothing effects are ice cream, pretzels, cookies, candies and other sweet food. These can de-stress your body. Your serotonin level increases when you eat these as well. This makes you feel relax and contented. On the other hand, you must eat these food in moderation because they are also high in sugar.

6. Get a massage.

To de-stress your body, have a massage. Use aromatherapy oils such as lavender and chamomile. According to a study, emergency room staffs lower their anxiety and stress level when they had 15-minute aromatherapy massage while listening to music.

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