Jamie Oliver Clarifies Breastfeeding Comments After Facing Backlash

By Abbie Uychiat, Parent Herald March 24, 07:19 am

Jamie Oliver openly cited his views on breastfeeding, thus gathered numerous backlash from non-breastfeeding mothers. Despite being criticized for his stand on breastfeeding, Jamie Oliver decided to speak up and clarified the issue.

Jamie Oliver clarifies his comments on breastfeeding by citing numerous benefits a mother can get from doing it. The celebrity chef cleared out his statement that caused an outrage among non-breastfeeding mothers in Britain.

The media personality raised his concerns with Britain by citing that the country has "the world breastfeeding in the world."

"It's simply an area of interest following my nutritional studies over the last two year, Jamie Oliver said. "I understand that breastfeeding is often not easy and in some cases not even possible but just wanted to support women who DO breastfeed and make it easier for them to do so. "

"Childhood nutrition starts with supporting pregnant women properly and I expect Mr Cameron to also be including this in his childhood obesity strategy. As a father - and father to be - I would never wish to offend women or mums as I know how incredible they are and I would get a kicking when I got home!" Jamie Oliver added on his succeeding posts on Twitter.

After winning his sugar tax campaign, Jamie Oliver is yet on another quest to encourage breastfeeding. Daily Mail reported that Jamie Oliver opened up about breastfeeding as he pointed out that it is a healthier option and can easily nourish the child, but giving the infant only the best. Jamie Oliver also pointed out that feeding a child formula milk can possibly lead to obesity.

Though Jamie Oliver's statement seem factual, several mothers felt offended stating that it's not easy for some mothers to breastfeed. There may be some who object to Jamie Oliver's breastfeeding view, there were those who stated that what he said was indeed right. Jamie Oliver is a father to four children and he is expecting his fifth child.

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