Sleep Scientist Shares Rousing Observation On New iPhone Feature ‘Night Shift’

Apple mobile device users are now raving about "Night Shift," a new iPhone feature which reduces the amount of blue light being displayed on screen as day turns to night. Its rationale is simple: less exposure to blue light means more people get to sleep early and comfortably. But does it really work? A renowned sleep scientist shares his eye-opening observation.

Dr. Raj Dasgupta of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine told Business Insider that he sees nothing particularly wrong with "Night Shift." The feature may or may not encourage a good night's sleep. What it all boils down to is the user's sleep hygiene.

"If you can't sleep, good sleep hygiene suggests that you get up, get out of bed, and do something else, something relaxing, like going and reading a book," he said. "But nowadays people aren't doing that, they're pulling out their phones and scrolling."

Dasgupta added that "Night Shift" is just one of many mobile features and apps designed to help people sleep. But because of its eye-preserving nature and people's poor sleep hygiene, most iPhone users end up extending their mobile usage instead.

"When you're going to bed, you want to do things that are relaxing, like reading a book. You want to gradually transition into sleep; you don't want your mind to be stimulated," Dasgupta explained. "I don't see a problem having it as long as we know what good sleep hygiene is."

Other aspects of good sleep hygiene include reducing exposure to stimulating content like television, social media and emotionally upsetting thoughts. Experts recommend avoiding these kinds of stimulants an hour before bed.

Sleep Foundation reported that food can also be detrimental to a good night's sleep. Large meals, spicy dishes and chocolate, which contains caffeine, should not be eaten close to bedtime. Lastly, bedrooms should be visually pleasing and sleep-conducive.

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