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Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy  29 May '18

For The Mother-To-Be Who Can't Sleep, These Pregnancy Pillows Are For You

Pregnant mothers often find it hard to sleep comfortably because of their baby bump. Fortunately, there are pillows designed to help them snooze better regardless of their sleeping positions.

Lullabies Help Babies Sleep Better

Parenting  14 April '17

Babies And Sleep Routines: What Lullabies Can Do For Your Babies

Lullabies not only soothe and calm babies as it's also a tool of communication for parents or caregivers.

Clear-Up Begins After The Glastonbury Festival

Teens/Young Adults  28 December '16

Are Later School Start Times Beneficial To Teens?

Starting school late has quite a number of health benefits in store for children.

What is SIDS? | Baby Care Basics | Parents

Infant  22 December '16

Why Crib Advertisements Show Kids In Dangerous Sleeping Environments

Baby crib advertisements and store displays often demonstrate unsafe sleep environments that increase an infant’s risk of sudden infant death syndrome, according to a new study.

Middle School students need more sleep, later school starts to perform better

Teens/Young Adults  16 December '16

Teens Perform Better With More Sleep Hours, Later School Hours

Experts recommends eight to ten hours of sleep for teenagers as well as later school hours for them to perform well in school and in society.

Extreme Heat Grips New York City

Health  4 December '16

Study Reveals Sleepovers Damage Children Brains

New brain scans reveal sleep deprivation damages children's brains more than previously thought.

Voters In South Carolina Head To The Polls In The State's Democratic Primary

School Age  27 November '16

Children's Sleeping Patterns: Where Does A Parent's Role Fit In?

Children's sleep duration may be influenced by parental practices and behaviors.

Access Emanate for Philips Avent

Gear  25 November '16

Baby Care: Are Gadgets For Infants Really Needed? Here's A Simple Guide For Some Innovative Baby Products

Thanks to crowdfunding, life with kids looks like it's getting brighter and more beautiful as parents can have more input over the design of the products they use.

Ohio Families Mourn Soldiers Killed In Iraq

School Age  25 November '16

Raising An Anxious Child: How Should Parents Deal With It

Recognising when a child is worried or has a more severe anxiety problem is the key to overcoming it.

Aging Prisoners Make Up Fastest Growing Segment Of Nation's Prison Population

Mind  23 November '16

Rates Of Old People With Dementia Decreasing In The US?

The American population is getting older but a new study found that the percentage of U.S. seniors with dementia is actually declining.

New York City Prepares For Visit Of Pope Francis

School  21 November '16

Is Your Toddler Missing Out On Sleep? Here's What You Need To Do

Toddlers still don’t have mature body clocks, which means that biologically their sleep is different to an adults and usually much more disturbed.

Years Of Economic Decline Leave One Third Of Atlantic City's Resident In Poverty

Development  19 November '16

Skipping Breakfast And Sleep: May Lead To Childhood Obesity

Study challenges view that soaring obesity rates among children are caused solely by eating too much.

Iowa: The First Battleground For The 2016 Presidential Nomination

School Age  15 November '16

Sleep, Don't Go Away! How Technology Snatch Away Children's Sleep

Increased access to and use of mobile digital devices at bedtime among children and teens is a major public health concern.

Different Effects of Technology To Human

Teens/Young Adults  11 November '16

Adverse Effects of Technology

Cell phones, computers and tablets even when they are not used, keep the children up all night as per new research.

Baby sleeping soundly

Infant  9 November '16

Difference Between Baby Nap Sleep Than Night Sleep

A newborn's sleeping habits are hard to understand since routine escapes these young ones.

Laureus Prep-a-Scholar Community Event

School  8 November '16

School Morning Madness: How Parents Can Make Manic School Mornings Easier

For parents, school mornings can pack in all the stress of a normal day into just a couple of hours.


Dads  2 November '16

Researchers Tap Power of Internet of Things for Sleep Problems through Nightingale

Cambridge Sound Management recently developed a robust sleep system based on cutting-edge technology. The product harnesses Internet of Things as its main engine or platform for promoting resolution of sleep issues in the U.S.

Incarcerated Women Allowed To Keep Newborns In Illinois Pilot Program

Infant  29 October '16

Parenting News: How Sleeping With A Newborn Through The First Year Changes Everything

New parents should be informed of safe infant sleep practices and the importance of sleeping with a newborn initially.

The Novogratz Family Halloween Haunted House

Toddler  29 October '16

Dealing With Nightmares [PARENTING TIPS]: Devil, You Can't Have My Child!

Children are very sensitive to nightmares. It's the parents' duty to make them feel secure by a number of ways.

Sleeping Pattern and Fertility of Men

Pregnancy  25 October '16

Fertility Vs. Sleep: How Sleeping Patterns Affect A Guy’s Fertility

A study suggests that the sleeping pattern of men may affect their fertility.

A baby sleeping on the hi-tech crib.

Feeding  25 October '16

High-Tech Parenting: Is The Smart Crib The Answer To Inconsolable Infants?

The sound that wakes parents in the middle of the night may not be part of a horror movie but might as well bring about apprehension and anxiety. Famous pediatrician Harvey Karp partnered with the MIT Media Lab to aid parents in getting over this nightmare

Incarcerated Women Allowed To Keep Newborns In Illinois Pilot Program

Toddler  22 October '16

Pareniting Dilemma: The Endless Loop Of Poor Sleep And Behavioral Concerns Among Children

Insomnia and behavior problems in children go hand in hand. Parents often get disoriented where to begin.

NYC''s Lazy Summer Days in Rockefeller Plaza

School Age  20 October '16

School Madness: Why Getting Kids On Their Feet Early Morning For School Can Be Draining

Waking children up for school can be very frustrating for a mother. However, there are some strategies one might employ.

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