No Such Thing as Colic, Parenting Expert Reveals

By Samantha Teran, Parent Herald March 24, 11:25 pm

For years, colic has been a word parents know all-too-well for when babies still keep fussing even after being fed, burped, or changed. It's been a cause of many sleepless and stressful nights for the first few months of being a parent.

According to The Sun, origins of colic came from American padiatrician Morris Wessel way back in 1954. He describes it as trapped air inside the baby's stomach which causes pain and thus the endless crying that leaves mom and dad at their wit's end.

But Sarah Ockwell-Smith, a parenting and childcare expert, has revealed that there is no research to support that claim. She writes on Express that instead, what may be causing stomach pains in babies is undiagnosed feeding problems. This can be anything from latch issues during breastfeeding to C-section babies being given antibiotics at birth which can kill the good bacteria in the gut. All these are problems nothing a lactation consultant or probiotics supplements can fix.

Ockwell-Smith stresses that what parents really need to do in the hopes of toning down their baby's cries is to simply hold them longer and even safely putting them in bed with you. Babies need to feel their parents are near, this comforts them and helps them sleep soundly.

Be patient, your crying child will soon become your little angel again. If it takes a while, colic, or what is now just a lack in baby's comfort, also usually ends by his or her third month.

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