Internet Safety: 5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

The technology of the Internet has become a regular part of our lives. Children as young as toddlers get exposed to it everyday -- take it from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter, North West.

However, it's important to practice Internet safety because while it can help your child learn about new things and broaden their view of the world. There are many online dangers that they can be susceptible to. Here are ways to keep your kids safe online:

1. Monitor Their Computer and Internet Use

The best way to protect your child from online dangers is by personally monitoring their computer and Internet use. If your kids are too young to browse and only use the Internet for games, you can child-proof the computer by restricting access to certain websites.

If your kids are old enough to navigate the World Wide Web, let them show you what they do online. According to NetSmartz, the Internet can be accessed via mobile phones, tabs and gaming devices so be sure to oversee these as well.

2. Encourage Questions and Communication

Encouraging your kids to ask questions about the Internet will help them understand about the technology, Internet safety and the possible risks of being online. It also helps to let your kids talk to you should they feel threatened, uncomfortable or have seen inappropriate things on the Internet.

3. Never Let Them Give Personal Information

Make it a point to instill in your child to never give their personal information such as the home address, telephone numbers and passwords online. The best way to keep your child and family's privacy is to never share personal info on the Internet. Safe Kids also points out to limit kids about posting pictures of themselves as there are many dangerous people lurking about on the World Wide Web plus, less pictures mean more safety online.

4. Don't Let Them Talk To Strangers

The Internet makes online communication possible and this is a great way to connect with families, friends and relatives that are far away. However, it also makes your kids more prone to talking with strangers. Tell your child to stop chatting with strangers looking to be "friends" online. Remember, anyone can be anyone on the World Wide Web and a major Internet safety rule is to not let your kids talk to strangers online.

5. Familiarize The Internet Safety Laws

Kids Health notes that the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) is a federal law created to protect children 12 years old and below. The COPPA mandates websites, especially those for children, to not give too much personal information if it is only used for games and such.

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