Family Budgeting: Save More With These Grocery Coupons and Apps

By Myka Bomediano, Parent Herald March 28, 05:28 am

Food takes a large percentage off of a family's budget - especially if there are a lot of mouths to feed. Fortunately for parents, budgeting is made easier these days with a few coupon websites and phone apps that are especially made for that very reason.

Save some money and spend it on something more practical and necessary for your family. Here are some of those that are worth your time to check out:

Food on the Table

This app lets you punch in favorite food and preferences, as well as favorite stores. Using a phone GPS, it will help suggest recipes built around the bargains of the week, which means that parents don't have to take note of sale dates - the app does that for them, and more. Download the app and begin meal planning, thanks to

Grocery IQ

Among the easiest budgeting tricks for parents is to make a list and stick to it as much as possible. It has also been noted by that the app makes saving even better with the help of coupon integration from

This tandem works as Grocery IQ alerts the shopper when items not on the list are added to the grocery cart. It then suggests coupons that can be used, with options to print or load to your grocery's loyalty card. The app is downloadable via the Grocery IQ website.

Safeway (Just for U)

Cutting coupons can be time-consuming. Except for extreme couponers, people would love to be without all the hassle. Safeway is the app for you as it coupons go to the consumers directly.

Safeway is rolling out apps that personalize digital coupons based on shopping habits. This can help parents save while they shop!

Most chain stores have digital coupon centers now, so this is definitely a go-to budget app for families. Download the app directly from the Safeway website.

Pick the right app

Consumer Reports noted that many of these coupons and apps can help you save, but some things are easier to use than others. In choosing apps to download, take note that the best app for you will have to depend on where you are currently residing.

This is because different apps offer coupons and discounts from different stores. Your success in using your smartphone to get discounts will depend on the supermarkets in your area.

Do you use coupons when grocery shopping? Share your couponing tips in the comments below.

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