First Breast Milk Bank In Guilford Helps Infants In the State’s Hospitals

By Maria Victoria Quiroz, Parent Herald March 28, 08:34 pm

The first breast milk bank is now open in Acelleron Medical Products on Boston Post Road in Guilford to help mothers who are lacking in breast milk. The milk will be distributed by the nonprofit Mother's Milk Bank Northeast (MMBNE).

According to Fox61, the first donor named Amy Farotti says that she is a bit skeptical at first, but it was worth it giving almost 300 ounces of breast milk for those in need. "I can't even imagine being a mom with a NICU baby. I was so blessed with two healthy babies, so it's something that I can do to help them and one less thing they would have to worry about," Farotti added.

Acelleron Medical Products says that breast milk bank can help premature babies. It can also protect babies from a life-threatening condition called necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Breast milk can lower the risk of NEC babies by 79 percent, according to Jan Ferraro of Acelleron Medical Product.

Ferraro says that they examine the donors before they can donate milk to the break milk bank. "A NICU baby probably takes maybe an ounce every couple of hours. That's 300 feedings this one mom has provided for babies everywhere," he said.

Before the breast milk is distributed to the state's hospitals like Connecticut Children's Medical Center, The Hospital of Central Connecticut, Yale-New Haven Hospital and Manchester Memorial Hospital, they first screen it to be pasteurized and tested before being distributed. Ferraro also said that in Connecticut, they use the breast milk to save lives.

According to, a donor named Audrey Torrance said, "As long as I am making milk for (my daughter) I will donate all the extra. It's natural; your body."

Lesley Mondeaux , an executive director in Milk Bank said that, "For the fragile and vulnerable population of preterm babies, having an exclusive breast milk diet really helps them to grow and thrive and overcome illness." Mondeaux also said that the donation will be given to the babies in need.

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