Using 'Minecraft' To Teach History A Hit With Rockhampton Students

By Jonnalyn Cortez, Parent Herald March 30, 02:37 am

"Minecraft" is known for being a video game that let everyone play with their imagination and build anything they like with blocks. However, "Minecraft" is not just for entertainment, it can also be used as a tool for education as what Rockhampton School did.

According to ABC News, Emmaus College's eighth-year students are using "Minecraft" in their history classes to study medieval times. The pupils are anchoring "Minecraft" to construct the places they are trying to learn.

The history professor, Seamus Toman, said that students got more passionate to learn when they used "Minecraft." In fact, the pupils want to continuously build the world they know in history to the point that Seamus Toman has to stop them.

"They've really immersed themselves in it, they're all just really engaged ... we're trying to have a lesson tailored to their educational needs," Seamus Toman explained. However, the professor cleared that "Minecraft" cannot replace the traditional methods of learning.

Students still have to do their usual research and, of course, use libraries. Seamus Toman along with other instructors are looking forward to seeing their pupils get more motivated in studying with the use of "Minecraft" and other methods.

Moreover, Albany Daily Star reports that Microsoft, the new owner of "Minecraft"after buying it from Mojang AB in 2014 for $2.5 billion, is looking for new ways to make "Minecraft" a tool for education. Deirdre Quarnstrom, director of Minecraft Education at Microsoft, revealed that since January of this year, Microsoft has been working to make "Minecraft" applicable for learning.

"We really see coding and computer science literacy as relevant in an increasingly digital world," Deirdre Quarnstrom said. Hence, Microsoft just recently announced its collaboration with to set "Minecraft" as part of their "education agenda."

"Minecraft" will have a tutorial and will teach students through 14 different tests that can instruct them using simple commands. "Minecraft" will also have a final level of "free play" season, where students will have the chance to build their own shelter, clean the environment and complete some acts.

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