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Bill Gates' Children Forbidden To Own Phones Until 14, Won't Inherit World's Richest Man's Fortune

Dads  21 April '17

Bill Gates Forbids Children To Own Phones Until 14; Kids Won't Inherit World's Richest Man's Fortune?

Billionaire Bill Gates and wife Melinda have always done the ironic thing when it comes to parenting, but their decisions were definitely no non-sense.

Big companies now hiring more people under the autism spectrum

Autism  4 January '17

More Persons On Autism Spectrum Now Being Hired By Companies

Persons with Asperger's syndrome or autism have been unemployed for so long but there is hope as big companies launch their employment program for those in the autism spectrum.

Microsoft Seals Deal With LinkedIn With a $26.2 Billion Acquisition; CEO Nadella Revealed Tech Giant’s Plans

Dads  15 December '16

Microsoft Launches Another AI Chatbot; New Chatbot Better Than Tay?

Microsoft did not mention if they plan to launch Zo on Twitter

Apple MacBook Pro, Microsoft Surface Book: Specs, Features Comparison; Check Out Which One Stood Out

Dads  11 December '16

Microsoft Surface Book Review & Comparison: Find Out Why People are Switching Their Apple MacBook Pro

More and more people are now considering the Surface Book as the best contender to Apple’s MacBook Pro.

Sony Playstation VR Goes On Sale

Dads  8 December '16

Virtual Reality Tech Giants Creates Global Virtual Reality Association for VR Development & Growth

Acer Starbreeze, Google, HTC Vive, Oculus and Samsung joined together to form a unified organization in order to unify the virtual reality industry, explore its market potential, development and growth.

5 Killer Alternatives to MacBook Pro | Definite Solutions

Dads  27 November '16

MacBook Pro Alternatives: Ultrabooks Review & Comparison, Find Out Why These Laptops Rival Apple’s

Apple’s MacBook Pro may be getting a rival competition from one of these laptops. Here are a list of alternative ultrabooks that you might like to consider.

Sleeping Dogs

Technology  25 November '16

Xbox Live Gold Presents Four Titles For December Deals Including The 'Sleeping Dogs'; A Total Discount For Games With Xbox Backward Compatibility

Microsoft is about to release the December deals for Xbox Live Gold. A handful of highly notable games is on the list for a huge discounted price including Sleeping Dogs.

PS4 Pro Vs Xbox One S

Technology  22 November '16

Xbox PS4 Comparison: Find Out What Console Is Better - Xbox One S Or PS4 Pro

The console battle continues with Sony's PS4 Pro and Microsoft's Xbox One S. Let's do a quick comparison of the two gaming consoles to see which one will best fit you.

Microsoft Debuts New Products For Its XBox Gaming Unit

School  22 November '16

UK Education Expert Tom Bennett Slams ‘Gimmicky’ ‘Minecraft: Education Edition:’ Does The Game Distract Children From Learning?

U.K. education expert Tom Bennett does not see "Minecraft: Education Edition" as a positive learning tool in school. Bennett believes that the game is just a form of gimmick that distracts children from learning.

Project Scorpio

Games  21 November '16

'Xbox One' Scorpio Confirmed To Run 4K Native Resolution; Microsoft Claims That It Is The Most Powerful Video Game Console

The new "Xbox One" Scorpio will deliver the native 4K resolution confirmed by the Microsoft. "Xbox One" Scorpio is said to be the most powerful video game console once it's released.

Apple MacBook Pro, Microsoft Surface Book: Specs, Features Comparison; Check Out Which One Stood Out

Dads  20 November '16

Apple MacBook Pro, Microsoft Surface Book: Specs, Features Comparison; Check Out Which One Stood Out

When the two latest gadgets in the industry Apple MacBook Pro and Microsoft Surface Book go head to head, which do you think is better? Find out below.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

Games  19 November '16

Xbox One Backward Compatibility Update: New Games Released And Continues To Grow; See The Latest Addition Here!

New titles added to the Xbox One backward compatibility list. Today, it has 286 titles that gamers can play.

Xbox - Project Scorpio

Games  18 November '16

Xbox Project Scorpio Release Date, Price & Updates: Microsoft's High-End Console To Have High Price Tag?

Microsoft's Premium console codenamed Project Scorpio is going to be huge. Xbox Project Scorpio is said to end the console generation. How about the price?

15th Anniversary Halo Livestream - Nov 15 @ 3:43 p.m. PST

Dads  16 November '16

Xbox Turns 15, Boss Gets NES Classic Edition As Gift; Next Agenda, World Peace?

Xbox turns 15 and Nintendo si there to celebrate with Microsoft.

Apple Unveils New iPad Models

Dads  15 November '16

Apple iMac 2016 Release Date & Updates: Specs, Features, Kaby Lake Processors Officially Confirmed With 5K Resolution Display? Now Dubbed iMac 2017?

The Apple iMac 2016 is now dubbed as Apple iMac 2017 since there is a high possibility of a 2017 release.

Xbox One S v PlayStation 4

Dads  15 November '16

Xbox One Is Beating The PlayStation 4 In Sales; Microsoft Project Scorpio Is Expected To Outsell The PS4 Pro

The Xbox One is dusting off the PlayStation 4 in sales not only in the US, but also in the UK. Sony needs to think of a way to improve their console since the Microsoft is getting too aggressive and has eventually taking over the video game industry.

Xbox One S

Dads  15 November '16

Black Friday Xbox One Deals 2016 : More Than $50 Off On Xbox One S And More Discounts For Games And Accessories

Catch the Black Friday Xbox One Deals and get the best deals on consoles and games offered by various companies.

Microsoft Fixed Surface Pro 3 Battery Issue With New Firmware Update; Error Caused The Charge Problem?

Dads  14 November '16

Microsoft Fixed Surface Pro 3 Battery Issue With New Firmware Update; Error Caused The Charge Problem?

Another battery issue has surfaced yet again as Microsoft finds their way around it. Although it is not a hardware problem, Microsoft still acknowledged the problem, for the second time.

PS4 VS Xbox One VS WiiU : Console Wars

Dads  13 November '16

Nintendo NES Classic Edition Sold Out, Scalpers Taking Advantage Of The Demand? Microsoft Xbox One Outsold Sony PS4?

The rivalry between Sony and Microsoft is more intense than ever as the holiday season approaches. Nintendo, on the other hand, is just watching from the sidelines with their current "Classic NES" selling out like pancakes.

Microsoft Surface Book

Dads  11 November '16

2016 Microsoft Surface Book Review: Device Specs, Features Hard To Beat; Better Than Apple MacBook Pro?

Consumers will find the new Microsoft Surface Book as a top choice when looking for a new laptop or tablet.

Xbox Insider

Games  9 November '16

Xbox Insider Program Update: Re-Branded Preview Dashboard Now Open To All Users; Update Not Open To New Users?

Mircosoft is launching the new "Xbox" Insider in the next couple of days. This free "Xbox" Insider Hub would provide free access on previews and feedbacks for all the users.

Microsoft Project Scorpio E3 2016 Unveiling Was Prompted by PS4 Pro Leak; Console Can Play 4K UWP PC Games

Dads  9 November '16

Microsoft Project Scorpio E3 2016 Unveiling Was Prompted by PS4 Pro Leak; Console Can Play 4K UWP PC Games

Reports are suggesting that the new console from Microsoft will have six teraflops and will give true 4K experience.

Gears of War 4

Dads  7 November '16

'Gears of War' 10th Year Anniversary DLC Has Been Released; Microsoft Revealed All The Features And Some Upcoming Updates

Microsoft is releasing the "Gears of War" 10th Year Anniversary DLC that will fully entertain all the fans. The DLC was sent out before the exact anniversary date of the "Gears of War" series.

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