Bill Gates Forbids Children To Own Phones Until 14; Kids Won't Inherit World's Richest Man's Fortune?

By Olivia Etienne, Parent Herald April 21, 08:38 pm

Tech mogul Bill Gates revealed a few parenting tricks up his sleeves and as ironic as it seemed, it included limiting screen time among his kids. The 61-year-old father shared that his children were not allowed to own a smartphone until they were 14.

People in this era, including youngsters, could not live without fidgeting their phones in a day, but the tech magnate proved it otherwise. In an interview with MDaily Mirror, Gates said their family practices a no-screen time policy during meals.

The Microsoft founder also says he is still managing his youngest child's use of smartphones so she can sleep at a reasonable hour. The billionaire shares three kids, Jennifer, 20, Rory, 17, and Phoebe, 14, with philanthropist Melinda Gates.

"You're always looking at how it can be used in a great way - homework and staying in touch with friends - and also where it has gotten to excess," Gates said. He added that the kids used to complain about other children having it earlier.

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Gates had always been eccentric when it comes to parenting his children, but it's eccentric for a good reason. The billionaire also shared last year that his children will not be inheriting his billion-dollar earnings.

The Gates folks encouraged their children to study college and build a career of their own. Jennifer, Rory and Phoebe, however, are not entitled to their father's $78 billion fortune as it will be donated to charities, per SF Gate.

The doting father and world's richest man explained that children should not have a huge amount of wealth "as it distorts anything they might do, creating their own path." Luckily, the three children understand their father's decision.

Gates, however, reassured that not all money will be donated to his self-owned charity with his wife, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The billionaire said he and his wife provided safety funds for the kids.

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