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Bill Gates' Children Forbidden To Own Phones Until 14, Won't Inherit World's Richest Man's Fortune

Dads  21 April '17

Bill Gates Forbids Children To Own Phones Until 14; Kids Won't Inherit World's Richest Man's Fortune?

Billionaire Bill Gates and wife Melinda have always done the ironic thing when it comes to parenting, but their decisions were definitely no non-sense.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

College Success  9 March '17

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Finally Getting His Harvard Degree After Dropping College 12 Years Ago

In preparation for the big day, Facebook founder and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg consulted with another billionaire and fellow Harvard dropout Bill Gates.

School choice wont benefit Latinos

School  23 December '16

School Choice Not Needed by Latino Students

Contrary to claims made billionaires, Latino students will not benefit from privatized school choice.

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook could be analyzing our mental health soon

Dads  29 October '16

Facebook Allows Exclusion by Race in Advertising Platform; Takes a Swipe at Snapchat with Latest Main App Test

Facebook’s advertising platform is controversial because of its latest segmentation of ads based on gender and ethnic affinity. The social network also began testing Snapchat-like features on their main app.

Forbes' 2015 Philanthropy Summit Awards Dinner

Money  28 September '16

How Much Money Must Parents Leave Their Children? Wealth Expert Suggests Taking Points From Bill Gates, Warren Buffet

The billionaires want to leave their children a valuable lesson in parenting more than anything, so they intend to give most of their fortune to charity when they die.

2010 CeBIT Technology Fair

Technology  14 May '16

Artificial Intelligence Danger: Are Fears Over AI Exaggerated? IBM Scientist Explains Benefits Of AI

An expert on A.I. explained how the benefits outweigh the dangers of the advanced technology.

Bill Gates Speaks On Ebola Crisis

Science  6 May '16

Artificial Intelligence Rising: AI’s Terrifying And Astonishing Future In The Eyes Of The World’s Smartest Programmers, Philosophers And Entrepreneurs

The rise of artificial intelligence can be both exciting and troubling but AI advocates said the much more advanced technology to realize the malevolent AI systems depicted in science fiction films doesn’t exit right now.

Forbes' 2015 Philanthropy Summit Awards Dinner

Science  3 May '16

Artificial Intelligence Latest Update: Why Microsoft Cofounder Bill Gates Say AI Is Not A Threat To Humanity

The development of artificial intelligence recently sparked a debate on its risks and benefits to mankind but Bill Gates said AI could be humans’ virtual assistant.

George Osborne And Bill Gates Discuss Their Joint Efforts In The Fight Against Malaria

School  26 April '16

Artificial Intelligence: Bill Gates Shares How ‘Personalized Learning’ Can Revolutionize Education

Artificial intelligence (AI) is beginning to take over more aspects of the things humans do. AI-driven programs are useful in specialized domains and it is making a major impact on higher education.

Facebook Holds f8 Developers Conference

School  6 April '16

Education Trends: Why Most Billionaires Are High School And College Dropouts?

Know why these billionaires are successful despite not finishing school.

Portrait Of A Young Bill Gates

News  20 February '16

This Trait Of Young Bill Gates Made Him The World's No. 1 Billionaire

If you're wondering what made Bill Gates into a billionaire, this trait of young Gates has got a lot to do with it.

George Osborne And Bill Gates Discuss Their Joint Efforts In The Fight Against Malaria

Health/Nutrition  26 January '16

Bill Gates and U.K. Join Forces to Fight Malaria

"We are optimistic that in our lifetimes we can eradicate malaria."

Breakthrough Prize Awards Ceremony Hosted By Seth MacFarlane

News  2 December '15

Mark Zuckerberg, Wife Promises 99 Percent of Facebook Shares To Charity After Baby Daughter's Arrival

The Zuckerberg baby was actually born one week ago.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

Family Life  1 December '15

Mark Zuckerberg, Wife Priscilla Chan Team Up Bill Gates in Renewable Clean Energy

The tech giants will collaborate with businessmen and other countries to develop zero-emission technology.

Simon Cowell

News  21 May '15

Simon Cowell, Bill Gates & More Celebs Cut Children Off From Wealth Inheritance

Being born to parents with multi-million dollar assets may be every child's fantasy. Imagine what having a huge inheritance could mean for the future. But for children of some of these high-earning celebrities, having parents who are rich is not exactly a guarantee. Especially when their moms or dads have legally stated in their will that the children will not be entitled to their millions and billions.

Ice Bucket Challenge

Health/Nutrition  18 August '14

Ice Cold Awareness—The ALS Association & The #IceBucketChallenge

In terms of marketing ploys, none may be quite as viral in these past few summer months than the “Ice Bucket Challenge” which has swept through social media by storm. The concept, simple: to either donate funds to the ALS Association or douse yourself with a bucket of ice water. And like a chain mail or massive viral text, the challenge has been spread to the corners of the United States. Initiated by the ALS Association, a non-profit organization that supports awareness and research into Amyotropohic lateral sclerosis (ALS), the organization has picked up momentum and a bank full of funds from the freezing summertime challenge.

Fourth Adult Film Actor Tests Positive for HIV Amidst Condom-Law Fights

Health/Nutrition  21 November '13

Condoms to Undergo Makeover Following 812 Refreshing New Ideas

One of the oldest forms of contraceptives may soon be undergoing a makeover. Scientists at the University of Manchester are developing a new composite material using graphene and latex for use in condoms.

Oprah Winfrey

Health/Nutrition  13 August '13

Failure to Recognize Famous Faces like Oprah, Bill Gates, Elvis Could be Early Sign of Dementia

Americans who are older than 40 and are unable to recognize icon and famous faces - like Elvis Presley, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates - are believed to have type of early-onset dementia that affects language and communication skills, according to research published Tuesday.

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