'Halo' Director Frank O'Connor Said That Xbox Project Scorpio Is Beefier Than He Expects

By Nathalie Fox, Parent Herald January 10, 09:30 pm

There are lots of speculations about the Project Scorpio of Xbox. However, it is better if the information taken about the console is from official sources.

Frank O'Connor the developer of "Halo" from 343 Industries posted his comments about the Project console just recently on NeoGAF, a video game forum. There are discussions about the project that talks about the possibility of using an AMD Vega Architecture.

He suggests that the picture that initiated the speculation may be taken out of context according to Gamingbolt. With regard to AMD, he said that the company may just be exposing its latest offers. It just happened that the upcoming Scorpio and the upcoming Vega happened to be side by side.

Back at E3 2016, Microsoft is already teasing on its upcoming project. There are no details released about Project Scorpio over the past few months except from its price. During the event, the key specs of the project were introduced including the support for 4k and VR.

According to MS Power User, the specs of the console are a lot of power for gaming alone. Frank O'Connor even said that the project is even beefier than he expects. His comment is not that surprising given the fact that it is declared by Microsoft that Project Scorpio is the most powerful console ever.

Although some details are already revealed during the E3 2016, it is expected that there are still more specs to be announced as it will be the most powerful console ever. The most awaited announcement is also the console's price as to determine whether or not one can afford it. The Project Scorpio is also expected to be released somewhere during Holiday 2017.

Meanwhile, Frank O'Connor further gave a few words on his personal thoughts about the console. He said that he might know about it because he has seen it in a slide or something. He cannot even talk more about the specs but all he knows is that it is beefier than he expects.


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