Inspirational Girl With Down Syndrome Pursues Higher Education On Elementary Special Education

By Rowil John Ruelo, Parent Herald March 31, 06:10 am

A 27-year-old elementary special education junior with Down syndrome from Lexington, Kentucky is living her life as a normal independent person. She has been rising above the stereotypes of people with disabilities and has no plans of halting her journey to living a normal life just like everyone else.

Megan McCormick was born with Down syndrome, a genetic disorder that alters facial features and delays cognitive development, and has made her life more difficult than it already is.  

Like in most cases of Down syndrome, McCormick's parents were made to realize early on that their daughter would not be as sharp as the other kids. In fact, her ability to perform daily tasks would be very limited.

It was not only McCormick's delayed cognitive development that made her life difficult. She was bullied and avoided by her classmates for looking differently.

McCormick was able to finish high school and was determined to go to college. "She always wanted to attend college, even since middle school," her mother said in an interview with Lexington Herald-Leader.

According to Sunday Times, McCormick finished her 2-year course at BCTC and graduated with honors and two associate degrees. This achievement is the culmination of her efforts to go beyond her genetic disorder and break the low expectations that people have set to limit children with disabilities.

She even went further and flew over to the UK to receive higher education on elementary special education that focuses on learning disabilities.

"I want to be independent, I want a full-time job, and I want to drive my own car," McCormick said. "And I want to work with children, serving as a role model for them."

McCormick was also very active in other areas like sports and public speaking. She is a member of Special Olympics swimming team called "Fintastics." She has also travelled across the world to speak before an audience of thousands to talk about and become a global messenger of Special Olympics.

McCormicks life has become an inspiration to all that has witnessed her will to go beyond the boundaries of her genetic disorder. Truly this girl with Down syndrome has made an impact on the world that only a few others can.

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