Charlie Sheen HIV Update: Sheen Caught Lying About His HIV on a Viral Tape Recording

By Abbie Uychiat, Parent Herald March 31, 08:54 pm

Charlie Sheen placed the world in shock as he openly admitted that he's infected with HIV. Sheen was caught lying to his partner on tape, as he denied being infected with HIV before sleeping with her.

The National Enquirer was able to get a hold of a tape recording of Charlie Sheen's conversation with the women he lied to. It was revealed that Charlie Sheen told her that he was clean before doing it with her. Charlie Sheen did not only lie to her regarding his HIV condition, but he also didn't use any protection upon doing it.

The recorded conversation lasted for 35 minutes wherein they were on a heated argument as to whether Sheen should use protection or not. In addition to the audio file, it was also mention by Radar Online that they did have unprotected sex. After doing so however, the second part of the audio tape revealed that she panicked after finding out that he is HIV positive.

"Why did you tell me you were not infected?" asked the female on the audio recording. "Because it's none of your----- business, OK!" Sheen replied.

The audio recording that held Charlie Sheen's HIV denial is a key evidence that he was lying during his interview with Matt Laurer. At the time of his interview with Today's host Matt Laurer, Charlie Sheen was asked if he told the person he'll be making out with regarding his condition, Charlie Sheen solemnly answer he does. The audio file recording however revealed that he's been hiding his HIV status all the while.

Charlie Sheen became the center of discussions not only in the celebrity world, but also in the medical industry. Charlie Sheen remained on the headlines as fans followed his HIV journey. He's unconventional way in looking for an effective HIV cure got everybody curious as his latest attempt was to visit Dr Samir Chachoua, an Australian doctor who practiced his field in Mexico and tried various HIV treatment, which didn't work as per Latin Post.

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