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PrEP Drugs Truvada Approved In Scotland for HIV Prevention

Parenting  11 April '17

Scotland Approves PrEP Drugs For HIV Prevention

Scotland released their latest medical advancement as they approved the PrEP drugs for HIV Prevention.

Babies with HIV

Infant  21 March '17

Records Show Sharp Decrease In Number Of Babies Born With HIV In The US

The number of cases regarding babies born with HIV started to decrease from 2002.

Woman Focuses On Facelift When Her Rare Condition Could Kill Her

Teens/Young Adults  16 February '17

Granny Teen: Young Woman Fears Deadly Rare Condition That Made Her Look Like A 50-Year-Old At 16

Zara Hartshorn originally thought she was just suffering from premature aging but a doctor said she had a serious disease that could kill her.

World AIDS Day 2016 at the New York City AIDS Memorial

Health/Nutrition  7 December '16

Why Negative Stereotyping Can Be A Threat To One's Health

Experts said negative stereotype can cause damage to the health, especially among people of color.

Nancy Pelosi Tours Bay Area Health Center

Health/Nutrition  7 December '16

Dentist In VA Puts Hundreds Of Dental Patients At Risk Of Having HIV And Hepatitis

Hundreds of dental patients in VA may be exposed to having HIV and hepatitis.

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation's 2011 Kids For Kids Family Carnival

Infant  3 December '16

Could Babies From HIV-Positive Pregnant Women Be Saved From Getting The Virus?

Children can be saved from HIV infections with proper care and treatment while they are still in the womb.

New AIDS Memorial In NYC Draws Visitors On World AIDS Day

Body  3 December '16

Developmental Processes Are Incomplete Without The Betterment Of Children From Key Populations

Parents from key population countries hesitate to put their children names in health care, think they might be taken away from them.

HIV/AIDS Summit in Miami

Medicine  2 December '16

New Vaccine To Prevent HIV Is Out For Testing, Scientists Start The Experiment In South Africa

This new vaccine just might be the answer to prevent HIV.

The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation Co-hosts National HIV testing Day With The CDC's Act Against AIDS at The Abbey in West Hollywood

Health/Nutrition  30 November '16

South Africa To Fight The Menace Of HIV Infection: Trials Starting Soon To Put The Disease To An End

Trial of a new vaccine for HIV, could actually end the disease if successful.

Dr. William Campbell Named a Nobel Laureate for his Work

Medicine  27 November '16

BreakThrough In Treating HIV: A New Antibody Reportedly Neutralizes 98% Of HIV Strands

NIAID announced this week that a remarkable breakthrough has been made in the study of preventing and treating the HIV.

El Cajon, CA Police Fatally Shoot Unarmed Man

Health  25 November '16

Children Living With HIV/AIDS: The Reality Of A Neglected Disease

In children, HIV is usually transmitted from the mother before birth, during labor and delivery or after birth, via the mother’s breast milk.

HIV: A New Perspective

Medicine  22 November '16

Free HIV Testing Service in Florence

Every Friday from noon until 6 in the evening, a temporary free testing and counselling program was initiated by Lane Country Health Officials to Coastal Residences in Florence because of the HIV outbreak.


Teens/Young Adults  8 November '16

STD In Teens Reach All-Time High, Most Number Of Cases Recorded In California; What Is The Reason Behind This?

STD in teens is said to be on the rise and California has the most number of cases.

World AIDS Day Commemorated In San Francisco

Dads  3 November '16

AIDS Cure News Update: Israel’s Drug, Gammora Can Kill 97 Percent of HIV Virus

Israel's drug, Gammora can kill between 95 percent to 97 percent of HIV virus in the test tubes, from the experiment conducted by Prof. Abraham Loyter, from the Biologigal Chemistry Dept. of The Hebrew University, and Prof. Zeev Steger, head of Kaplan's Naveh or AIDS clinic. The experiment is a collaboration of Kapland Medical Center and Zion Pharmaceuticals.

World AIDS Day Commemorated In San Francisco

Medicine  5 October '16

Cure For HIV? British National Positively Responds To The HIV Treatment Trial

A British man from the HIV trial said to have walked out with astonishing results after his HIV was undetectable after the treatment.

Indian Doctor Provides Free Care For Women In Need

Health  5 August '16

Hundreds Of Babies Become Stillborn Or Premature Due To Wrong Thread Used In Cervical Stitch Procedures

One in 200 pregnant women at risk of miscarriage or delivering their babies early undergo cervical stitch procedures. The study found that the thread used in majority of these procedures is thicker, which stimulates the growth of bacteria in the cervix.

Taronga Zoo Reveals New Chimpanzee Baby

Body  25 July '16

Forms Of HIV Can Spread From Chimpanzees To Humans

HIV in chimpanzees can infect humans, according to a study.

The Miracle Pill That Cures HIV

Medicine  19 July '16

The Miracle Pill That Cures HIV

A recent study reveals that over the next decade, the rate of new HIV infections among bisexual men and gays could dramatically drop up to a third if they take this miracle drug which protects them against the virus.

HIV Screening Van Offers Free Tests On World AIDS Day In NYC

Medicine  18 July '16

HIV Awareness: Why Have People Become More Lax When it Comes to HIV Prevention?

People are more lax when it comes to HIV prevention. What could be the reason?

Prince Harry Attends An Event To Promote HIV Testing

Body  15 July '16

Prince Harry Promotes HIV Testing: Easy & Quick Procedure Broadcasted On Facebook Live; How Did His Results Fare?

Prince Harry underwent the simple one-minute HIV test procedure, which involves pricking a finger for a drop of blood. The HIV virus can be acquired from an infected person's semen, vaginal fluids, breast milk, and blood.

Madrid Gay Pride Parade 2013

Body  26 June '16

New Meningitis Outbreak In The US Expected To Affect Gay And Bisexual Men The Most

Four of the nine meningococcal disease patients involved gay or bisexual men, and one had died from the infection. People who have HIV have higher risks of acquiring meningococcal disease.

Premiere Of Dimension Films' 'Scary Movie 5' - Red Carpet

Medicine  20 June '16

HIV News & Updates: Charlie Sheen Being Pinned by Dr. Chachoua As He Was Given a Blood Drenched Note With Charlie Sheen's Name After the Gangsters Attacked Him

Dr. Chachoua claimed that Charile Sheen paid the gangsters to brutally attack him.

World AIDS Day Preparations

Health  13 June '16

Thailand Successfully Eradicates Mother to Child HIV Transmission

Thailand is the first country in Asia to successfully eradicate mother to child HIV transmission.

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