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Obama Delivers Remarks At National Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit

Health/Nutrition  30 March '16

White House Outs New Initiatives To Curb Ballooning Opioid, Heroin Abuse Cases

Additional funding for medication-assisted treatment programs and increased coverage for substance abuse and mental health services are just a few of the White House's recently outed public health initiatives.

Elected Officials Introduce The Fairness And Equity Act Aimed At Reducing Penalties For Minor Marijuana Offenses

Health/Nutrition  29 March '16

Arresting Minor Drug Offenders: A Step In The Wrong Direction For The US

After reviewing drug policy models of some European nations, U.S. health experts are now calling on the government to adopt a similar drug policy. They believe it would be a better solution to the country's drug problem than arresting minor drug offenders.

The AIDS Epidemic In The Ukraine

Infant  22 March '16

SHIV Exposed Infant Macaques were Treated by Scientist with Antibodies

Rhesus macaques, a type of monkey were treated at Oregon National Primate Research Center by scientists who were recently revealed that antibodies can cure SHIV. SHIV is a chimeric simian virus that can tolerate HIV protein in the macaques.

Toronto Hosts Gay Pride Parade

Health/Nutrition  13 March '16

LGBT News: Gay Men's Clinic Opens in Winnipeg, Canada

A clinic for gay men opened in Winnipeg, Canada over the weekend. The facility aims to address health issues among the gay community and even among men having sex with men.

2016 Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon

News  7 March '16

Over 40,000 Runners in Kenya Join the Cause Against Maternal-Child Mortality

Close to 40,000 runners particpated in this year's First Lady's Marathon in Kenya on Sunday. The race aims to raise funds to help curb maternal and child mortality in the country.

Actor Charlie Sheen Makes Announcement On Today Show During Interview With Matt Lauer

News  1 March '16

Charlie Sheen Brings His HIV To Oscars Party, Steals Spotlight From Elton John - What Did Actor Do?

The actor told the world he's positive for HIV in November 2015.

Health Fair In Los Angeles Offers Free Screenings For Residents

Health/Nutrition  29 February '16

How Dating Websites Aid to Spread of HIV

Online dating websites are now considered to be avenues which help the spread of HIV among gay and bisexual men, a study reveals.

Charlie Sheen on ABC

Health/Nutrition  26 February '16

Charlie Sheen HIV Diagnosis News Update: Actor Stops HIV Medication in Search for Alternative Medicine

After shocking many when he admitted contacting HIV, it seems like the bankable star has a heart for traditional medicine.

The AIDS Epidemic In The Ukraine

Health/Nutrition  23 February '16

HIV Drug Used To Prevent Perinatal Transmission Can Cause Developmental Defects

The atazanavir can cause developmental defects to babies according to the recent study published in the official journal of the International AIDS Society.

Keenan Cahill & Ciara Perform In Honor Of National Teen Pregnancy Awareness Month

Pregnancy  30 January '16

Teen Pregnancy On The Rise Again In North Carolina, The State Needs More Education On Sexual Health

Three counties in North Carolina are now experiencing an increase in teen pregnancy.

Participants hold pink Planned Parenthood banner and signs.

Health/Nutrition  28 December '15

Get Ready For A Big Fight: Texas Officials Slash $600,000 For Planned Parenthood's Anti-HIV Efforts

Texas officials decide to cut of funds for Planned Parenthood's Anti-HIV efforts in order to defun the controversial organization.

Actor Charlie Sheen Makes Announcement On Today Show During Interview With Matt Lauer

Health/Nutrition  18 November '15

Charlie Sheen HIV Update: Actor Reveals He is HIV Positive But is 'Undetectable' -- What Does It Mean?

The famous actor revealed that he is HIV positive since years ago, but the virus is now 'undetectable.' What does that mean?

Aids Day Is Marked Around The World

Health/Nutrition  6 October '15

HIV Patients Face Higher Risk Of Certain Cancers

People diagnosed with HIV have been able to extend their lives because of antiretroviral therapy but a new study says surviving HIV puts one at a higher risk of contracting cancers.

Demand For Measles Vaccine Increases As Outbreak Started At Disneyland In California Spreads

Health/Nutrition  29 July '15

Experts Warn 'Leaky' Vaccines May Make Diseases More Dangerous

Vaccines have been hailed as lifesavers as they protect children against a number of diseases, many of which are lethal.

Stained HIV-1 under a scanning electron microscope.

Family Life  22 July '15

Aids Treatment & Cure: Teen in Long Remission After Stopping Medication

An 18-year old French teen born with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) stopped her medication for 12 years and now has her HIV/AIDS remitted.

How HIV attacks humans

Parenting  1 July '15

HIV Transmission Mom to Child Eliminated in Cuba: WHO

Cuba achieved a world record on Tuesday when the World Health Organization announced that the country is the first country in the world to eliminate HIV and syphilis transmission from mother to child.

HIV Animation

Family Life  26 June '15

HIV Cure, Symptoms & Treatment: 1 in 8 Americans With HIV Are Undiagnosed, Says CDC

There are already over 1.2 million Americans inflicted with AIDS and 156,300 or about 13 percent of them are unaware that they are already infected with the virus that causes HIV, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Empire State Tribune reports.

The Silent Pandemic: Tackling Hepatitis C With Policy Innovation

Health/Nutrition  5 June '15

Hepatitis C Epidemic in Appalachia, HIV Threat Looming

It has been revealed by public health officials that rural Appalachia is on the brink of an HIV spread as the region struggles to cope with injection drug abuse and hepatitis C.

3D Rendering of Retroviruses

Health/Nutrition  7 August '14

Harvard Medical School’s Newest HIV Inhibitor May Also Block Herpes Viruses

A new study by professors at Harvard Medical School may prove that both HIV and herpes can be treated one day with the same medications, but not cured. Both being retroviruses that infect cells in a similar manner, herpes and HIV can cause a lifetime of symptoms and even be extremely lethal, but researchers say that new inhibitor medication may block the spread of the viruses.

Experimental HIV prevention drug may be effective

Health/Nutrition  5 March '14

Experimental HIV prevention drug may be effective

An experimental HIV prevention drug may one day be an effective alternative to daily pills that stymie the risk of contracting HIV, new research shows.

Social media data may be used to prevent HIV

Health/Nutrition  4 March '14

Social media may be used to track outbreaks of HIV

Real-time social media like Twitter may be used to identify and target potential outbreaks of HIV, a new study from the University of California (UCLA) found.

Sitting doubles risk for disability in adults over 60: study

Family Life  14 February '14

Mental health patients more likely to contract HIV

Mental health patients are four times more likely to contract HIV, according to a report published in the American Journal of Public Health.


News  3 October '13

Cocaine Users More Susceptible to HIV: Study

Cocaine drug users are at a higher risk of developing an HIV infection if they come into contact with the virus as their T cells are more susceptible to the virus, new research suggests.

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