Cure For HIV? British National Positively Responds To The HIV Treatment Trial

By Abigail Robbins, Parent Herald October 05, 05:33 pm

Scientist recently came up with a medical breakthrough as a cure for HIV is said to be discovered. A 44-year-old HIV-positive man took part of the latest trial, which eventually left him walking out, free from HIV.

A 44-year-old HIV-positive British national who took part of the HIV treatment trial is said to have walked out with astonishing results as it was mentioned that the treatment may have worked for him. According to The Sunday Times, the new HIV treatment therapy involved 50 HIV positive participants. It was then mentioned that the first individual who took part of the trial came out with a positive response in regards to the treatment.

"This is one of the first serious attempts at a full cure for HIV," Mark Samuels, managing director of the National Institute for Health Research Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure said. "We are exploring the real possibility of curing HIV. This is a huge challenge and it's still early days but the progress has been remarkable."

Refinery 29 reported that the trial is said to be one of the first serious attempts to come up with an HIV treatment. The HIV from the British national reportedly vanished from the individual's system as the treatment progressed.

The new HIV trial is said to be one of the first ever serious attempts to come up with a full HIV cure. It was mentioned that the challenging process of coming up with the HIV cure may pave way for the future of the HIV patients. The HIV treatment trial is still an ongoing process as it is still being studied by the researchers from Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, King's College London and the University College London.

"It would be great if a cure has happened," the participant stated. "My last blood test was a couple of weeks ago and there is no detectable virus. I took part in the trial to help others as well as myself. It would be a massive achievement if, after all, these years, something is found to cure people of this disease. The fact that I was a part of that would be incredible."

Parent Herald previously reported that PGSPL already came up with an initiative to provide a cure for HIV. It was, however, mentioned that PGSPL still needs to come up with ways to develop, research and study the factors that can permanently eradicate the disease.

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