HIV News & Updates: Charlie Sheen Being Pinned by Dr. Chachoua As He Was Given a Blood Drenched Note With Charlie Sheen's Name After the Gangsters Attacked Him

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald June 20, 07:10 am

Charlie Sheen's previous doctor was attached, wherein he claimed that the actor's HIV condition was to be blamed for the attack. Dr. Samir Chachou stated that the attackers handed him a note which mentioned that they're to avenge justice for celebrities that were tricked by being given false hopes in terms of finding the appropriate HIV cure.

 Dr. Chachoua stated that he was taking a stroll but was then mobbed by two thugs last June 6. It was then mentioned that they handed him a note which cited that they're doing it for justice. The note was soaked in blood, pointed out the motives behind the attack.

According to Radar, the thugs felt like they needed to take action by putting an end to Dr. Chachoua lies. Dr. Chachoua previously claimed that he already found the cure for HIV by using goat's milk.

Charlie Sheen previously announced that Dr. Chachoua cure didn't really provide successful results. He was only under the doctor's care for two months, wherein his condition eventually got worse. Though it was reported that the two thugs beat Dr. Chachoua, on his police report, he pointed a finger on Sheen. He then stated that Charlie Sheen paid the thugs to beat the doctor up.

In one of his interviews with CBS, Charlie Sheen did open up about trying alternative medicine in terms of his HIV treatment. Charlie Sheen then flew to Mexico wherein Dr. Samir Chachoua treated him by using goat's milk. Dr Chachoua kept claiming that he effectively eradicated Charlie Sheen's HIV, which the actor consistently denied as his condition eventually worsen after trying the alternative medicine.

"Dr Sam I was with u in Mexico for 1 day. It's illegal for u to practice in U.S.A. where u treated me for 2 months. I got some results I was disappointed about. I had been non-detectable, non-detectable and checking the blood every week and then found out the numbers are back up."

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