'Dark Souls 3' Review, Release Date, News & Update: Game Better On PS4 Than Xbox One? What You Should Know [GAME GUIDE]

By Rachel Cruz, Parent Herald April 01, 03:00 am

"Dark Souls 3" its Japan version ahead of the North American distribution, which is expected to arrive at U.S. store shelves officially on April 12. However, others had the privilege to play the game ahead of the official release and they conclude that the PS4 renders the action role-playing game better than the Xbox One.

Digital Foundry published a video detailing the comparison between playing "Dark Souls 3" on the PS4 and the Xbox. Among the difference is in the resolution as the game runs on 900p on the Xbox One but it's at 1080p on the PS4. The latter is more upscale and has less visual imperfections.

However, the "Dark Souls 3" review stated that the game still looks appealing on the Xbox One despite flaws like the light blurs and pixel flares. The character's faces might also look rougher, unpolished and has some shadow rendering but these do not have any effect on the gameplay. Yet the review reiterated that "Dark Souls 3" seems to perform better on the PS4.

One caveat, developer From Software has failed to address framing issues on "Dark Souls 3" and it's a problem that also exists in "Bloodborne," per Euromer. Thus, transitions aren't smooth as other gamers would have hoped. Some scenes end up with a "stuttering sensation" in both consoles, the review stated. 

U.S. Xbox One Gamers Able to Play "Dark Souls 3" In Advance

Meanwhile, Bandai Namco is aware that some Xbox gamers have worked around the game's international release and thus, were able to play "Dark Souls 3" before its official launch. The company also advised this version is incomplete and might not deliver the best gaming experience yet.

"We are aware that some fans in Western countries are currently able to download the international version of the game," said the company in a statement, via Hardcore Gamer. "The international version of the game currently does not have its multiplayer capabilities activated, nor does it include the contents of a planned day-one patch that will deliver further optimization of the game."

The patch will be available once "Dark Souls 3" is out in the U.S. April 12.

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