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School Takes PS4, XBox

Parenting  11 April '17

School Confiscates PS4, Xbox In Students' Homes To Improve Their Grades And Behavior

King Solomon Academy headmaster Max Haimendorf said they have the consent of parents to confiscate the students' PS4, Xbox, and mobile phones.

WWE 2K17

Games  15 December '16

'WWE 2K17' New Moves Pack Has Just Arrived; 2K Sports Pulls Out Their Holiday Treat For All The Wrestling Fans

"WWE 2K17" New Moves Pack has finally arrived as part of the Holiday DLC for the game. Over 35 killer moves has been confirmed to appear on the new "WWE 2K17" DLC.

PlayStation 4

Technology  8 December '16

The 'PlayStation 4' Hits The Record Of 50 Million Units Sold; Sony Will Launch A New Christmas Promo Of The PS4 Slim Uncharted 4 Edition

Sony announced that the "PlayStation 4" already sold 50 million units all over the world. This season, starting December 11, the "PlayStation 4" Slim will have a massive price cut until Christmas Eve.

The Last Of Us 2

Games  5 December '16

'The Last of Us' Release Date, News And Update: Naught Dog Unveil Ellie As The Main Protagonist; Story Spoliers Was Revealed

"The Last of Us" 2 main protagonist has been revealed as Sony announced during the PSX 2016. Ellie will be the main character in the whole story of "The Last of Us" 2.

'Red Dead Redemption' Coming To The PC; 'Red Dead Redemption 2' Now Available For Pre-Order!

Games  3 December '16

'Red Dead Redemption' Is Coming To Windows PC; Red Dead Redemption 2 Still On Petition

"Red Dead Redemption" will be now available on PC next Tuesday. "Red Dead Redemption" 2 is still on the petition and fans are still waiting for further announcement.

PlayStation Black Friday

Technology  25 November '16

PlayStation Store Black Friday Promo Has Just Arrived; A Massive Up To 80% Discount For Several Great PS Game Titles

Sony has just launched the PlayStation Black Friday promo earlier than the actual date. Sony offers 60% to 80% on games and up to 20@ price cut for each PlayStation console.

Resident Evil 7 Collectors Edition

Dads  23 November '16

'Resident Evil 7' Release Date, News & Update: Features Of The $180 Copy Of The Collector's Edition

"Resident Evil 7" will have an exclusive collector's edition at $180 and the game will be released next year.

All Assassin's Creed Trailers

Dads  23 November '16

New ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Revealed: An Open World Game Overhaul?

Ubisoft will present a new kind of "Assassin's Creed" wherein the player can have the freedom to approach the game on his own terms.

Samurai Shodown VI

Games  22 November '16

'Samurai Shodown VI' Latest News & Update: The Newest Game Addition On PS4 Is Available Now, But No Online Play?

"Samurai Shodown VI" is released today, Nov. 22, 2016 and it could be played on PS4 port of PS2.

‘Elder Scrolls V’ News & Updates: ‘Skyrim Special Edition’ Latest Mod, Opening Sequence Enhanced; No PS4 Update?

Dads  22 November '16

‘Elder Scrolls V’ News & Updates: ‘Skyrim Special Edition’ Latest Mod, Opening Sequence Enhanced; No PS4 Update?

The creators behind "Skyrim Special Edition" just improved the game with options to skip the long, boring opening sequence.

PlayStation Black Friday Deals

Technology  22 November '16

Black Friday 2016 Deals: Sony Reveals PS4 Pro Update And The New Action-Adventure Game 'No Man's Sky' [DETAILS HERE]

News this week includes Sony’s Black Friday deals, PS4 Pro update, and the latest action-adventure video game, "No Man’s Sky".

Playstation VR

Games  21 November '16

'PlayStation VR' Is The Best Invention Of 2016; The Sony PSVR Is The Most Affordable And The Best VR Headset Ever Created

The "PlayStation VR" is awarded as the best invention of 2016. The "PlayStation VR" is now dominating the VR genre and it climbs up the ladder faster than expected.

‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ News & Updates: Sequel Release Date Confirmed, Xbox One, PC, PS4; Game Plot Teased by CEO

Dads  21 November '16

‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ News & Updates: Sequel Release Date Confirmed, Xbox One, PC, PS4; Game Plot Teased by CEO

"Red Dead Redemption 2" will have its worldwide in 2017 on PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

LEGO Dimensions: Sonic the Hedgehog Official Trailer

Dads  20 November '16

‘LEGO Dimensions’ Latest Expansion Revealed: Sonic And The Fantastic Beasts, Do You Know Where to Find Them?

New expansions of "Lego Dimensions" has been launched, and it looks awesome.

Tekken 7

Dads  20 November '16

New 'Tekken 7' Has Just Arrived; Bandai Namco Confirmed The Release Date Without Any Delay

The new "Tekken 7" trailer has been released by Bandai Namco. It features some of the intense fight scenes using animated CG and provides some teaser of the storyline.

The Fan Legacy: MGS | 1st part available for Download! |

Dads  19 November '16

'The Fan Legacy: Metal Gear Solid' Free Download! Video Demo Reveals New MGS Release Is Not A Game?

"The Fan Legacy: Metal Gear Solid" part 1 was launched recently and it looks awesome. However, MGS video demo suggests that it may not be a game.

Persona 5 Gameplay Trailer

Dads  18 November '16

‘Persona 5’ Cancels Valentines Day Launch, Will The Game Be Worth it?

The launch date of "Persona 5" is pushed back again. What's causing all the delays and is it gonna be worth it?

Star Wars Battlefront: Ultimate Edition Trailer

Dads  18 November '16

‘Star Wars Battlefront' Ultimate Edition Release Date Revealed! Completed After A Year?

"Star Wars Battlefront" Ultimate Edition was announced today with a price tag of $69.99 for the PS4 and $119.99 for the Xbox One.

Sony Holds News Conference Ahead Of Annual E3 Gaming Conference

TV/ Movie  17 November '16

'God Of War' 4 Update, Latest News, Release Date: Is Sony ‘GOW’ Game Development Slowing Down? Will Kratos Sequel Be Delayed?

Will 'God Of War' 4 by Sony Santa Monica and Cory Barlog be delayed? Is development of new Kratos 'GOW’ game slowing down? Read more here.

ASSASSIN'S CREED The Ezio Collection - Graphics Comparison (PS4 Vs. PS3)

Dads  16 November '16

‘Assasin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection’ Day 1 Patch Notes Released, No More Crashes?

The Day 1 Patch notes of "Assasin's Creed: The Ezio" Collection Has been released. Ubisoft was quick enough to identify this issues and released a patch fix immediately.

The First 21 Minutes of Watch Dogs 2

Dads  16 November '16

‘Watch Dogs 2’ Patch Updates: In-Game Explicit Privates Banned, No More Vajayjay Allowed? Why Seamless Multiplayer Feature Still Inaccessible?

A recent scandal of an in-game nudity image within the "Watch Dogs 2" world sent shockwaves throughout the gaming community, while the game's seamless multiplayer feature is still down. Ubisoft is still working on a patch.

PLAYSTATION 4 The King Extended Trailer (2017)

Dads  16 November '16

PlayStation Exclusives: 'Spiderman PS4,' 'God of War' And 'Horizon Zero Dawn' In Real Life Action In 'The King' Trailer

PlayStation's newest commercial called "The King" is a poetic approach towards Sony together with the gaming community's pursuit for innovative ways towards the future.

Official Batman: Arkham Knight September Update Trailer

Dads  16 November '16

‘Batman Arkham VR’ News: VR Tracking Improvements In Latest PS4 Update Not PS4 Pro Patch?

The update gives gamers better gaming experience with the VR goggles.

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