Xbox News & Update: Microsoft Not Releasing Xbox 1.5, But What Is The Xbox NeXt?

By Rachel Cruz, Parent Herald April 05, 02:03 am

Microsoft Xbox head Phil Spencer confirmed that the company is not releasing an Xbox 1.5 console that's similar to the rumored PlayStation 4.5 from Sony. However, there are unconfirmed reports that an Xbox NeXt console is in the works. What is Microsoft's plans for the new console?

Speaking to a crowd at the Microsoft Build 2016 conference in California, Spencer said that the tech company is not keen on developing a half-step device that should make gaming experience better when the Xbox One is enough. "I'm not a big fan of Xbox One and a half, he told the participants at the conference, per Gamespot. "For us, our box is doing well. It performs, it's reliable, the servers are doing well," he added.

He also reiterated that if and when Xbox plans to develop its next console, it should be a significant change for the gamers and not a piece per piece upgrade similar to improving PC units. The news comes in light of recent developments with its biggest competitor Sony and the PlayStation. The Japanese company was said to be coming out with an upgraded and modified PS4 or PlayStation 4.5 to support 4K technology that improves virtual reality gaming, Parent Herald previously reported.

While Spencer could be hinting at a potential, more powerful and game-changing console to follow after the Xbox One, a designer has outed a new device that suggests Microsoft is actually working on something new. Crave reports that Xbox visual design lead David Gardner listed "Xbox NeXt" on his LinkedIn profile, along with other consoles like Xbox One and Xbox 360. Is the Xbox NeXt the new console or is it completely different gadget?

Spencer acknowledged that hardware technology is innovating at a faster pace, but he also said there is no point in creating a new device when software upgrades can take advantage of this. Gamers speculate that Microsoft will reveal more about their plans for the new console during the E3 event in June, per Geek.

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