'The Last Of Us' Movie News & Update: Development Is Frozen; Creator Reveals No Progress 'In A Year And A Half'

By Rachel Cruz, Parent Herald April 05, 03:00 am

"The Last Of Us" movie development is stuck in a rut and Neil Druckmann, the man behind the game that inspired the film said that production has not moved forward for a year and a half. Is the delay going to put the project permanently shelved?

The movie's adaptation initially had a promising start with director and producer Sam Raimi involved in the development. "Game of Thrones" actress Maisie Williams was supposedly the top pick to play the role of Ellie, who is a favorite character in the game, but Druckmann confirmed the film's movement has gone nowhere at this point.

"We had a table read, got the script to a good place and it kind of entered development hell like these things tend to do," said Druckmann via IGN. A year and half has passed since that table read and Druckmann acknowledged that there is nothing else to update fans about the movie. He did not provide any other reason to the delays.

Druckmann also has not revealed any updates about "The Last of Us 2" game series. However, it has been widely speculated that Sony and his developing company, Naughty Dog, will be working on this next after the release of "Unchartered 4" May 10.

Speaking of "Unchartered 4," the game series is also getting a movie treatment and Druckmann is more optimistic about the production's chances. They get updates from the studio about its progress more often than "The Last of Us," per Game Spot.

"We'll tell them what we think works, what we think doesn't work," revealed the game director. He also said that the "Unchartered 4" movie has had script revisions to focus on Nathan Drake's relationships with Elena and Sullivan. "If you don't get that right, I don't think the film's going to work. If you get that core right, there's a chance it could work."

So, what do you think gaming fans - is "The Last of Us" movie good as dead? Let us know in the comments!

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