School Bullying Cases: Brooklyn Student Beaten And Bullied For Being White

School bullying cases often involve students of color. However, this boy who studies at a predominantly black and Hispanic high school was bullied for being white. The worst part was that school administrators did not heed his complaints.

Twenty-three-year old Giovanni Micheli has experienced bullying from black and Hispanic peers in Brentwood High School. He was punched and even hit with a chair for no other reason but his color. He was also referred to as the "white boy" denoting much disdain and contempt from his peers.

No Action From School Administrators

According to the New York Post, while the school bullying incidents were happening, administrators of Brentwood High School didn't lift a finger to stop them. His counsels pointed out that Micheli was deemed as the "minority" in their school.

Most school officials who were also white would tell Micheli to "project more self-confidence." If the boy wouldn't be able to handle it, he might as well leave the school.

The withdrawn and depressed Micheli turned to his parents for help who immediately raised the issue with the school. At the time, the administration allowed him to be home tutored instead of attending school. His parents also asked permission to transfer him to another district which was refused.

According to Wayne Schaefer, Micheli's counsel, the basis for refusal to transfer the boy to another district was that they would have to transfer all white students if they approve the request of the boy. Micheli sued the school for being indifferent to his plight. He sued the school in 2010 but his trial only reached Brooklyn federal court on Monday.

Another White Victim

Although school bullying cases are common, white victims are usually not. American Renaissance reported that in 2015, a 9-year-old kid hanged himself because he was bullied by Asian boys for being white. Reports have it that he was initially threatened with a plastic knife. The bullies thereafter said that the next time around, it will no longer be plastic, but would be a real one.

At present, school bullying cases are becoming more rampant. It is not only blacks or Hispanics who are bullied, but many white kids in predominantly colored schools also experience students bullying them because they are white. Do you know of a similar situation? Feel free to share them below.

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