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Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Sentenced In Bank Reporting Case

School  29 April '16

Dennis Hastert Bank Fraud Charges: Former House Speaker Gets 15-Months Jail Time; Admits Sexually Abusing His Former Students In High School

Dennis Hastert sentenced to 15 months for bank fraud charges although he may be eligible for compassionate care release.

The Charlotte And Gwenyth Gray Foundation To Cure Batten Disease Fundraiser

SPED Kids  29 April '16

Batten Disease: Parents Funded Daughters' Treatment For Degenerative Brain Disorder After Doctors Told Them To 'Take Them Home And Watch Them Die'

Jennifer Garner, Rihanna, The Rock and other celebrities rally behind this breakthrough therapy to cure Batten disease.

University Of Iowa Begins Vaccinating Students For Mumps

Body  29 April '16

Harvard Mumps Outbreak: Graduation Ceremony At Risk As More Students End Up In Isolation

The much anticipated Harvard graduation ceremonies may be postponed due to increasing number of students infected with mumps.

Conclusions Are Reached On All 96 Deaths At The Hillsborough Inquest

Family Life  29 April '16

Hillsborough Disaster: South Yorkshire Police Chief Blamed For Long Inquest; Andy Burnham Demands Resignation

Families of victims of the Hillsborough disaster blamed chief constable for long inquest proceedings.

Hand in medical glove touches naked breast

Body  29 April '16

How To Check For Breast Cancer: Censorship Forces MACMA To Use Man Boobs

Facebook's censorship of women's nipples led an organization to find a workaround - using man boobs.

ExoMars 2016 Launch

Music.Art.STEM  29 April '16

Vostochny Cosmodrome: Technical Glitch Delays First Rocket Launch From Russian Cosmodrome

Maiden flight of rocket from Russian Vostochny cosmodrome delayed due to technical problems.

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden Speaks At Event Marking Anniversary Of Mars Curiosity Rover

Music.Art.STEM  29 April '16

NASA Awards Contracts Worth $243 Million: Businesses And Institutions Experiencing Heyday!

Businesses and institutions rejoice over the $243 million grant of NASA!

The Other Guys:UK Film Premiere - Outside Arrivals

Dads  29 April '16

Ronald Reagan Alzheimer's: Daughter Writes Will Ferrell Taking Offense At Comedic Film Portrayal Of Late President's Disease

Ronald Reagan's daughter pens open letter to Will Ferrell, expressing indignation at the actor's comedic portrayal of Reagan's Alzheimer's.

MPAA In Washington DC Hosts Screening Of The Weinstein Company's 'Bully' With Panel Discussion

Behavior  28 April '16

High School Bullying Effects: Wisconsin Prom Gunman Was A Product Of Student Bullying

The 18-year-old high school who opened fire during a prom was being bullied in school.

Tribeca Talks Storytellers: Tom Hanks With John Oliver

School  28 April '16

Teacher Forced To Resign After Showing Students 'Make Donald Drumpf Again' Segment From 'Last Week Tonight With John Oliver'

Teacher lost job momentarily after showing class a John Oliver clip.

EE British Academy Film Awards 2014 - Red Carpet Arrivals

TV.Movie  28 April '16

'Wolverine 3' Cast, News & Update: Notable British Actor Will Play Mad Scientist - Hugh Jackman's Next Worst Nightmare

British actor will play mad scientist in "Wolverine 3," one of Hugh Jackman's nemesis.

GBR: Spider-Man 2 At Madame Tussauds - Photocall

TV.Movie  28 April '16

'Captain America: Civil War' Cast, News & Update: Spider-Man Fights For Team Iron Man; Spidey Cracks Jokes As He Takes Captain America's Shield

Spider Man invades "Captain America: Civil War" and joins Team Iron Man.

Toronto Raptors v Brooklyn Nets - Game Six

News  27 April '16

Beyonce, Jay-Z 'Lemonade' Cheating Controversy: Queen B's Unofficial Biographer Says Album Not About Jay-Z's Infidelity

Unofficial biographer of Beyonce said "Lemonade" is not about Jay Z's cheating.

88th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

News  27 April '16

Chrissy Teigen Parenting: 'Lip Sync Battle' Co-Host Slams Haters For Judging Her As 'Bad Mom'l

Chrissy Teigen defends herself agains haters calling her a "bad mom."

Cathay Pacific Airways Posts Profit

Body  27 April '16

Suicide Attempt: Cathay Pacific Flight Attendants Intervened In Passenger's Suicide Attempt In Plane Lavatory

A Cathay Pacific passenger attempted suicide using shoelaces and cellphone case in plane lavatory.

'Amazing Baby Days' App Launch Event

Celebrity Dads  27 April '16

Kevin Jonas, Danielle Baby No. 2 Is On The Way; Much Joy Awaits The Couple Come Winter

Kevin Jonas and Danielle are preparing for another bun in the oven.

Super Yachts Moored In South Quay As Their Owners Visit London Ahead Of The Olympics

Family Life  27 April '16

Submarine Superyacht: Inside The World's Most Luxurious Underwater Vessel

Forget a trip to Ocean Park when you have one of these Migaloo private submersible yachts!

Berlin Hit By Measles Outbreak

Infant  26 April '16

Parenting 101: Soothe Baby During Shots With These Age-Old Techniques

Here's how you can soothe your cranky baby during painful shots.

Apple Unveils iPhone 6

Dads  26 April '16

Apple News & Updates: iPhone 7 Low Sale Predicted; No 'Attractive Selling Points' On New iPhone

Will Apple experience a historical lowdown on the iPhone 7?

'China: Through The Looking Glass' Costume Institute Benefit Gala - Alternative Vie

Family Life  26 April '16

Beyonce, Jay-Z Divorce Update: 'Lemonade' Album Revealed Telltale Signs Of Cheating; Rapper Cheated On 'Independent' Singer?

Jay-Z may have cheated on Beyonce as what Queen B's "Lemonade" album implies.

Community Health Center Gives Newborn Care Class For Low-Income Parents

Feeding  26 April '16

Shaming Breastfeeding: London Airport Forced Mom To Dump 4 Gallons Of Breast Milk

Mom was humiliated at Heathrow airport after she was made to dump 4 gallons of breast milk.

Bottled Water Sales Are Set To Surge

Body  23 April '16

Study Says Americans Will Drink More Water Than Soda This Year

Bottled water consumption will overtake soda consumption of Americans.

Visa Plans Largest IPO In U.S. History

Family Life  23 April '16

Child Credit Card: 5-Year-Olds Enjoy Credit And Debit Cards Or Should They?

Will child debit cards benefit your child even if he's only five years old?

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