How To Check For Breast Cancer: Censorship Forces MACMA To Use Man Boobs

By Snow McDiggon, Parent Herald April 29, 06:20 pm

People wondering how to check breast cancer end up on YouTube or somewhere else, but not on Facebook. The social media giant bans exposure of women's nipples on any video posted on the site. To arrest this problem, one organization found a workaround using man boobs.

Working Around Instagram & Facebook's Censorship

Argentinian Cancer Support Group MACMA found a loophole to Instagram and Facebook's ban of women's nipples, so that it can create a video that shows how to check breast cancer without facing censorship. The video posted on Facebook showed a step by step process on how to do a breast self-examination with the help of some man boobs.

Some commenters on Facebook said that the video might be for humor purposes. On the other hand, those who advocate women's rights were quick to slam the disparity by which women are treated over breast exposure.

Negative Comments

One Facebook user mentioned that this is the problem since men can walk freely in beaches without shirts on while women can't. So even if a breast self-examination video is a means to save women's lives, it is still being banned by social media sites like Facebook.

Other commenters tried slamming the makers of the video, saying that it was inaccurate. provided the series of steps women should take to check breast cancer.

It requires looking at the mirror and checking for lumps, discolorations, fluids and other irregularities. Another position also required women to lie down to check for signs of breast cancer.

Drive For Breast Cancer Awareness

Although there were those who said that the video was not a clear depiction of how to check breast cancer, many said that the message that MACMA was driving was simply "to check." The organization wants to raise awareness for breast cancer.

In fact, it isn't only women that should do the routine breast self-exam because men too can suffer from breast cancer, albeit in lesser numbers than women. What's important is that men and women realize the importance of breast self-examination. Knowing how to check for breast cancer can increase one's chance of surviving the dreaded disease.

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