Suicide Attempt: Cathay Pacific Flight Attendants Intervened In Passenger's Suicide Attempt In Plane Lavatory

Cathay Pacific flight attendants thwarted a suicide attempt of a passenger on flight as it was about to land in Hong Kong on Saturday night. The Nepalese man attempted to slash his throat and hang himself inside the Cathay Pacific lavatory.

According to Fox News, the suicidal man was on Cathay Pacific Flight CX411 from Incheon International Airport in South Korea bound for Hong Kong. As the plane was about to land in Hong Kong, the man stood up and went inside the lavatory.

Locked Lavatory Door

Cathay Pacific flight attendants who know very well that passengers should be in their seats during landing. The cabin crew on the flight tried to make the Nepalese get out of the lavatory, but he refused. When the plane landed and the man was still inside the locked lavatory, flight attendants forced open the lavatory door and found the man drenched in his own blood.

Daily Mail reported that he was bleeding from the neck, showing signs of an attempt to cut his own throat. He also tried to hang himself in the lavatory using shoelaces. Reports have it that he slashed his throat with a cellphone case.

Flight Attendants Intervened In Time

Cathay Pacific flight attendants immediately sought medical care for the bleeding man. He was brought to the nearest Hong Kong hospital where he was later released after treatment.

Despite his condition, he still continued on his way to his original destination - Kathmandu. His flight was from Seoul to Kathmandu, with only a short stopover in Hong Kong. It was unfortunate, however, that the suicide attempt was committed during the Hong Kong landing.

Cathay Pacific refused to make further comments on the passenger's suicide attempt. One spokesperson said that as the case is still being investigated, they cannot provide any details on the suicide attempt.

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