Man Who is HIV Positive Declared Guilty for Not Informing Partners of His Condition Deliberately

By Camille H, Parent Herald January 22, 12:40 pm

A man who was aware that he is HIV positive was found guilty of not informing his partners of his condition, UPI reports.

Craig Davis, 42, was found guilty on two counts of HIV-reckless conduct and for not telling his partners of his HIV status. During the case, prosecutors labeled him as a selfish liar. "The defendant, Craig Davis, carries a deadly weapon with him every day," said prosecutor Kathryn Powers. One of his previous partners, Ronita McAfee confirmed that Davis never revealed his HIV status during the time they were sleeping together.

However, Davis' defendants claimed that their client did not have HIV and was misdiagnosed because he had taken crack cocaine before he was initially treated by doctors. Prosecutors noted that the Davis is taking anti-viral medication and is being treated for HIV. "When they tell you he tested positive for HIV, what that means is there's an assumption he's HIV positive. There's no test that can measure that on the face of this earth," said defense attorney John Turner.

However, as early as 2005, Davis has already been declared HIV positive by his primary physician Dr. Courtney Shelton, who diagnosed him after he complained of losing weight and suffering from pneumonia. "He had all the symptoms of HIV that presented as AIDS. We had to treat him immediately. " Dr. Shelton also claimed that Davis was able to manage his HIV and has recovered. Likely, several other medical staffers at the County Clayton Jail said when Davis was booked in 2009, he informed them that he was HIV positive and had taken medications to treat the virus, according to KSDK

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