Disgraced Florida Teacher Used Materials That Racially Divided Students, Offended Families

By Arvin Matthew, Parent Herald April 18, 04:51 am

A Spanish teacher in Florida has been put on the hot seat for allegedly using inappropriate and unapproved learning methods. One education journalist claimed that the teacher had been instilling the idea of "white privilege" in the minds of her students.

Teaching Methods Inconsistent With Curriculum

The teacher, who was identified as Yoselis Ramos, was suspended by Monroe Middle School administrators after parents complained about her offensive teaching strategies. A subsequent investigation found that Ramos had been using materials that ran contrary to the district's curriculum.

WND reported that Ramos told her students to fill out dubious "privilege" forms. The questionnaires were meant to assess student's levels of privilege. Education journalist Alex Newman said the tactic created a divide among students as they were asked to identify their race, religion, sexual orientation and disability.

Creating A Divide Between Races

"This is still America, where people succeed or fail based on their own merits. To teach children that they are seen by society as superior or inferior based on their gender or arbitrary characteristics like melanin content is an absolute disgrace," Newman condemned. "Whoever was responsible for this needs to be immediately fired so children can be protected from further abuses in the future."

Ramos later tendered her resignation after being called in for a follow-up meeting with school administrators. She has emphatically stated that the forms were meant to promote diversity. Needless to say, her intentions produced a different result.

"What they're doing with the 'white privilege' is setting up antagonisms, stirring up hatred, creating divisions because it's easier to exploit people if they're divided," explained Newman. "They want to separate everybody into warring camps, and then nobody ever looks at the real problems."

White Privilege Still An Issue In The US

According to Teaching Tolerance, white privilege is the societal preference for white individuals. It's a notion that white people receive more social benefits and experience less real-world challenges than other race groups.

A study by The Leadership Congress found that white people are not profiled nor stopped on the road quite as often as blacks and Hispanics. Meanwhile, the National Bureau of Economic Research reported that people with "black-sounding names" have to send 50% more job applications to get a call back.

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