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President Obama Delivers Commencement Address At Howard University

College Success  8 June '16

Attaining Higher Levels Of Education Can Lengthen Your Lifespan

A large-scale population study by a Slovenian non-government organization has revealed that lifelong pursuit of knowledge can increase a person's life expectancy at birth.

Birmingham Women's Hospital Offers Technological Advances In Its Care

Fertility  8 June '16

Intelligent Sperm Donor Turns Out To Be Convicted Felon With Mental Issues, Sperm Bank Sued For False Portrayal

An Atlanta-based sperm bank and its local fertility clinic have been sued for falsely representing one of its sperm donors.

Family Eviction In Madrid

Health  7 June '16

5 Pregnancy Migraine Facts Every Woman Should Know

While pregnancy migraines are fairly common and relatively harmless, more serious ones could lead to pregnancy complications and even maternal or infant illnesses. Here are 5 important facts women need to know about pregnancy migraines.

A new large-scale study in Hong Kong reveals that early puberty in girls increased their risk of depression.

Puberty  7 June '16

Girls Who Enter Puberty Early Are At Higher Risk Of Depression

An analysis of 8,327 children born in Hong Kong in 1997 found that teen girls who experience early puberty are at greater risk of depression.

Aside from regularly irritating their loved ones, chronic snorers can be at high risk for serious health problems later on in life.

Body  6 June '16

5 Amazingly Simple Tips To Stop You and Your Partner From Snoring

Here are 5 amazingly simple home remedies to effectively put snoring to bed.

Egg Prices Rise 40 Percent After Major Salmonella Outbreak

Food  6 June '16

Stay Off The Birds: Live Poultry Linked To Salmonella Outbreak in 35 US States

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a health warning following the recent salmonella outbreak in 35 states. CDC officials have warned people against coming into direct contact with live poultry such as chicks and ducklings.

California Embryo Bank Provides Donated Eggs For Stem Cell Research

Fertility  6 June '16

New Clinical Procedure Preserves Fertility In Young Cancer Patients

A new experimental procedure gives young cancer patients hope of conceiving children in the future. The procedure involves the removal of male or female reproductive tissues and freezing them for future use.

Yuri Milner And Stephen Hawking Announce Breakthrough Starshot, A New Space Exploration Initiative

K-12 Reform  4 June '16

NASA: The Universe Is Now Expanding At An Unprecedented Rate

NASA and the European Space Agency recently revealed that the universe is expanding faster than they thought it would. The findings were based on new data from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Walmart announced that it would be partnering with online transportation networks Uber and Lyft to improve its grocery delivery service.

Technology  4 June '16

Walmart Eyes Grocery Delivery Service Via Uber, Lyft

Walmart will test pilot its new grocery delivery service later this month. Customers could soon order their groceries online and have it delivered right at their doorsteps via Uber or Lyft.

Brooke Shields talks about her battle with postpartum depression as Sen. Robert Menendez listens at a news conference at Capitol Hill in Washington DC.

Health  2 June '16

Pregnancy News: Maternal Depression Screening Is Causing More Women To Avail Of Mental Healthcare Services

A new study on maternal depression found that women who underwent regular depression screenings before, during or after pregnancy were more inclined to avail of mental healthcare services.

Cincinnati Zoo personnel shot dead a 17-year-old silverback gorilla named Harambe in an effort to save a 3-year-old boy who slipped into the creature’s enclosure.

Behavior  2 June '16

Cincinnati Gorilla Tragedy: Parents Of Boy Who Tumbled Into Harambe Could Be Held Liable For Zoo Mishap

Cincinnati authorities are contemplating on filing a case against the parents of the 3-year-old boy who slipped into the enclosure of an endangered silverback gorilla named Harambe.

Stacks of Microsoft’s Xbox One gaming console are seen at the company’s 'pop-up shop' at the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle in New York City.

Technology  2 June '16

Xbox One Discounts 2016: Get 80 Percent Off On Console Bundles With Extra Controller & Free Ubisoft Game

Microsoft shocks the gaming community by unveling a new batch of Xbox One bundle discounts ahead of E3 2016 later this month.

Doris Perez helps her 7-year-old grandchild Katalina with her homeworks at their newly-constructed apartment building.

Homeschooling  1 June '16

New Homeschooling E-Book Tackles The Pros & Cons Of Adopting Common Core Standards

Paula Bolyard and her group of parenting and education experts release a new homeschooling e-book that seeks to inform parents about the merits and faults of adopting a Common Core-based curriculum.

Babies crawl during a baby crawling race in Shanghai, China.

Fertility  31 May '16

China’s New Two-Child Policy Is Prompting Older Chinese Women To Seek In Vitro Fertilization

China is experiencing a surge in in-vitro fertilization procedures due to the country's switch to a two-child policy earlier this year.

 North Carolina mom confesses to smothering 4-day-old infant

Infant  30 May '16

Deadly Embrace: North Carolina Mother Kills Newborn Because He Won’t Stop Crying

Aishia Marie Pacheco, 22, has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder after she admitted killing her newborn son because he wouldn't stop crying.

California Distributes Free Inhalers To Underserved Asthma Patients

Mind  30 May '16

Utah Department of Health: Asthma, Mental Illnesses Are Directly Correlated

A recent study in Utah claims that asthma and mental health issues, specifically depression, are directly linked to one another. Health experts also reveal useful tips on how asthma sufferers can limit their bouts with anxiety.

Gaming Companies Highlight Their Latest Products At Annual E3 Game Industry Conference

Games  30 May '16

PS4 Games Release: ‘One Piece: Burning Blood,’ ‘Hard Reset Redux’ & ‘Oxenfree’ To Be Available Starting This Week

Sony has released the list of new and exciting PS4 titles which will be available starting May 29, 2016.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Offers The Latest Technological Advances In Its Care

Medicine  24 May '16

Stem Cell Treatment: Can The Revolutionary Treatment Repair Severe Spinal Injuries?

An experimental stem cell procedure in New York gives quadriplegic patients hope after it has been shown to be somewhat effective in restoring motor strength and function.

The top four finalists of

Body  24 May '16

“Biggest Loser” Contestants Reveal Show's Hidden Tactics, NBC Reality Show A Big Scam?

Former contestants of "The Biggest Loser" accuse the show of messing up their metabolism by secretly encouraging them to take illegal drugs to lose weight.

Premiere Of HBO's 'Game Of Thrones' Season 6 - Arrivals

TV/ Movie  24 May '16

'Game of Thrones' Season 6 Spoilers: Devastating Hodor Twist Opens Possibility Of Time Travel

"Game of Thrones" kills off another beloved character and introduces a new plot dynamic in Season 6's fifth episode, "The Door."

Fitness Tracker Company Fitbit Debuts As Public Company On NYSE

Body  23 May '16

Fitbit Reviews & News: Fitness Tracker Is Not So Reliable, New Study Shows

A new study conducted by California State Polytechnic University claims that Fitbit bands often show innacurate heartbeat readings.

Planet Mars Shows Signs Of Liquid Water

Science  23 May '16

Micro-Earth: A Glimpse Into How Humans Could Survive In Mars

Siberian scientists reveal new details on a 50-year old "micro-earth" project which aims to prolong human habitation in hostile environments like the Moon or the planet Mars.

Dungeons 2 on PS4

Games  23 May '16

New PS4 Games: ‘Overwatch,’ ‘Dungeons 2’ & ‘Lumo’ To Be Available Starting This Week

Sony recently announced the new PS4 titles gamer dads can look forward to this week. The fresh batch of games offers a good mix of action, adventure and isometric platform fun!

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