Deadly Embrace: North Carolina Mother Kills Newborn Because He Won’t Stop Crying

By Arvin Matthew, Parent Herald May 30, 05:36 pm

A mother in North Carolina was arrested and charged with second-degree murder after admitting to policemen that she had choked her 4-day-old son to death. The mother said it was all an accident, but that wasn't enough to get her off the hook.

Tight Grip

Aishia Marie Pacheco, 22, was booked by the Alexander County Sheriff's Office following her shocking admission about her son's tragic death. Pacheco allegedly pressed her infant son into her chest because he wouldn't stop crying. The newborn sustained bruises around his face as a result of his mother's tight grip.

Alexander County 911 rushed to the scene after receiving a call of an unresponsive baby in a home at the southwestern part of the county. Unfortunately, the child was already dead when first responders and paramedics arrived at Pacheco's residence, as per The Charlotte Observer.

"The mother admitted to us that she had held the baby up to her chest, because the child had been crying, and smothered the child," Sheriff Chris Bowman shared to Hickory Daily Record via NDTV. "We have individuals out here who are begging for children, that can't have children and would give good homes. It is a shame that something like this would have to happen."

Glenda Turner, one of Pacheco's neighbors, was dumbfounded by reports of the baby's death. She initially though Pacheco would be a good mother to her bouncy baby boy. "I thought she was going to be a good mom because she looked so happy holding the baby in the hospital," said Turner.

Serial Offender

This wasn't the first time Pacheco had a tussle with the law. NY Daily News reported that Pacheco had already been convicted of second-degree arson, a felony and a misdemeanor for breaking and entering back in 2012 and 2014. She had already served 11 months in jail before being released in January 2015.

As of the moment, the Alexander County Sheriff's Office has locked Pacheco in prison with a bail of $1 million. Pacheco is set to be tried in court on June 6.

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