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Same-sex marriage

Issues  13 April '17

NC Proposes Bill Banning Same-Sex Marriage Amid Economic Turmoil Of Transgender Bathroom Bill

North Carolina proposed a bill banning same-sex marriage in the state.

North Carolina transgender bathroom law

Family Life  31 March '17

North Carolina Officials Vote To Repeal Transgender Bathroom Bill Amid Growing Concerns On Economy, Discrimination

North Carolina lawmakers decided to repeal the transgender bathroom bill.

Tillman Freeman III

Family Life  27 March '17

Police Arrest North Carolina Father After Accusations Of Killing Two Daughters Surface

Police arrested a man from North Carolina due to the allegations that he killed his two kids, one of whom is a newborn.

Transgender bathroom bill

Family Life  17 March '17

Why A Popular Oklahoma Restaurant Puts Up A Sign Against Transgender Customers

A popular Oklahoma restaurant put up a sign against transgender customers.

Birmingham Women's Hospital Offers Technological Advances In Its Care

Infant  17 March '17

North Carolina Couple Receives Call Over Heart Donor For Their Daughter

A North Carolina couple just received a heart donor for their baby girl after their church offered prayers for her.

Texas Transgender Bill

Teens/Young Adults  9 March '17

Texas Bathroom Bill On Its Way To Implementation After It Passes Key Votes

The Texas bathroom bill might be implemented soon after the bill passed key votes.

Gavin Grimm

Teens/Young Adults  8 March '17

Transgender Bathroom Case Of Gavin Grimm Sent Back To Lower Court After SC Refuses To Hear It

The case of the transgender teen in Virginia who wanted his case to be heard in the Supreme Court was sent back to the lower court.

Father of two sisters

Family Life  6 January '17

Allegiant Air Flight Kicks Out Sisters Who Are On Their Way To See Dying Father; Grieving Siblings Miss Dad’s Final Moments

Two sisters were supposed to see their father, who was on his dying bed, when they were kicked out of their flight.

Rolesville High School

Teens/Young Adults  4 January '17

Police Officer Slammed Female Rolesville High School Student On The Ground; Cop Gets Suspended As Investigation Started

A police officer was seen in a viral video slamming a female student from Rolesville High School.

Police with gun

Teens/Young Adults  19 December '16

Two Teenagers Face Firearm Possession Charges After Shooting Four People Outside Charlotte Night Club During Party

Two teenagers reportedly shot four people outside a night club in Charlotte.

Anthony Mayse

School Age  9 December '16

Mean Santa? Mother Claims Man Dressed As Santa Claus Made Her 9-Year-Old Son Cry Due To Fat-Shaming

A mother and her son claim that a man dressed as Santa Claus in their town fat-shamed the nine-year-old.

Nick Cannon Visits SiriusXM's The Heat Channel

Dads  1 December '16

‘America’s Got Talent’ Host Nick Cannon Slams Planned Parenthood, Says It Inflicts ‘Real Genocide’

Nick Cannon slammed Planned Parenthood in a recent interview. He said that the reproductive health organization endorses "population control" and promotes "modern day eugenics."

'American Horror Story' Season 6: Living Up To Roanoke’s Ghost City Theory

Dads  1 November '16

'American Horror Story' Season 6: Living Up To Roanoke’s Ghost City Theory

Rian Murphy shares what is coming up for the"American Horror Story" Season 6 during the recent EW Pop Fest.

Hurricane Matthew Churns in Caribbean

Celebrity Daddy(Soft News)  10 October '16

North Carolina Suffers The Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew: Floods And Death Toll Continue To Rise

North Carolina is left devastated by Hurricane Matthew as floods and death toll increase.

Erica Parsons

Teens/Young Adults  4 October '16

Authorities Believe Erica Parsons Was Long Dead Before Being Reported Missing, Suffered Years Of Abuse From Adoptive Family

It is believed that Erica Parsons had died prior to the report that she was missing.

Demolition Continues On New Orleans Housing Projects

Behavior  13 September '16

Hungry Teenagers In The US: The Extreme Ways Young People Cope With Food Deprivation

Teenagers in poor communities in the U.S. resort to the extremes in exchange for money or meals. Some steal and others enter the sex trade.

 North Carolina Clashes With U.S. Over New Public Restroom Law

School  2 September '16

North Carolina Judge Rules That Transgenders Are No Threat To Public Safety, Slams McCrory's Anti-LGBT Law

Conservative Judge Schroeder prohibited University of North Carolina to implement portions of the House Bill 2 that pertains to requiring everyone to use the restroom and locker room based on their birth gender.

Sinister Clowns Causing Mischief in South Carolina Woods

School Age  31 August '16

Creepy Clown Lures Children Into The Woods in South Carolina

What's the story behind the creepy clown?

Canoe / Kayak US National Team Trials - Previews

Body  4 August '16

New Brain-Eating Amoeba Infection In South Carolina: What You Should Know Before Swimming In Freshwater Bodies

The CDC confirmed the South Carolina resident's infection after conducting lab tests.

Budweiser Parent Company AB InBev Continues Efforts To Purchase Rival Miller

Behavior  1 August '16

Underage Drinking In America: Punishments Could Ban Students From Graduation & School Activities

Some people think that banning underage drinkers from graduation is too retaliatory, adding that it would also affect the students' families.

Canoe / Kayak US National Team Trials - Previews

Body  1 August '16

Brain-Eating Amoeba Contamination In Texas River Kills Three People

The recent death was a 19-year-old Houston resident, who swam in the Trinity River earlier in July. Two individuals in Texas have also died in the past 12 months after being exposed to the brain-eating amoeba.

Austistic Boy with Cerebral Palsy Undergoes Horse Therapy

Autism  19 July '16

Autism Caused By Chemical Exposure? ‘Science Junkie’ With Two Autistic Children Claims Pregnancy Hormones Damaged Her Eggs

Jill Escher's theory goes back to the early days of her conception. According to Escher, the hormones her mother took when she's pregnant with her damaged her egg cells and increased the autism risk of her children.

Pokemon Go Launches In The UK

Autism  18 July '16

‘Pokémon Go’ & Autism: Augmented Reality Game’s Success In Getting Autistic Children Out Of Their Comfort Zone

Parents saw their autistic children change their demeanors while playing "Pokémon Go." Before, the kids are uncomfortable in social interactions and now they are actually taking the initiative to venture outside and play the game.

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