New PS4 Games: ‘Overwatch,’ ‘Dungeons 2’ & ‘Lumo’ To Be Available Starting This Week

By Arvin Matthew, Parent Herald May 23, 06:01 am

What better way for gamer dads to spend their down time than by babysitting their little bundles of joy while enjoying this week's new PS4 games. Headlining the pack of awesome titles are "Overwatch," "Dungeons 2" and "Lumo."


According to the official PlayStation blogsite, "Overwatch" takes players into a vibrant world filled with excitement and all-out mayhem. This multiplayer sci-fi extravaganza pits two teams against each other in dynamic matches around the globe.

Teams are composed of 6 heroes, each with their unique skills and attributes. These characters come in four generic varieties namely Offense, Defense, Tank and Support. Teams must work as a cohesive unit since the slightest of moves can spell the difference between victory and defeat.

Dungeons 2

Developed by Realmforge Studios, "Dungeons 2" revolves around the Dungeon Lord's unwavering quest for revenge. He plans to take over the underworld and recruits a team of new monsters to help him accomplish his task.

While this strategy-simulation game is being marketed as the follow-up to 2011's "Dungeons," GameSpot reported that it plays more similarly to 1997's "Dungeon Keeper." Some game aspects that were lifted straight from the Windows 95 title include the narrator's muddled British accent and a real-time strategy element that's highly reminiscent of "Warcraft 3."

"The beauty of Dungeons 2 is that it never fails to let us take some glee in sowing discord," said video game reviewer Leif Johnson. "It's not quite a keeper, but it's an improvement over the original."


"Lumo" is a modern take on the isometric platform genre of the 80s and 90s. The game pays homage to classic puzzle titles that have come before it, but also have enough room to carve an identity of its own.

IGN reported that the game boasts of more than 400 rooms across four unique quadrants. It's basically a visual and mental experience rolled into one. There's also enough activity to go around for everyone in the family as the game contains six hidden mini-games and all sorts of mysteries waiting to be revealed.

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