Climate Change Making US Weather More Pleasant? Experts Warn Global Warming Initiatives May Be Too Late Amid Earth Day 2016 Celebrations

By Kristine Walker, Parent Herald April 21, 06:37 am

As the world celebrates Earth Day 2016, let's take a closer look on the effects of climate change in our planet. In a recently published study, researchers found improvement as well as projected worsening of weather in the United States. Many activists still try to save the earth with global warming initiatives, but isn't it too late already?

U.S. Weather Conditions

Over the past four decades, 80 percent of Americans reportedly experienced more pleasant weather conditions. According to the study -- published in the journal Nature -- conducted by New York University and Duke University researchers, the shift in weather conditions was due to climate change.

"Rising temperatures are ominous symptoms of global climate change, but Americans are experiencing them at times of the year when warmer days are welcomed," NYU's Wilf Family Department of Politics associate professor and study coauthor Patrick J. Egan said, Science Daily quoted.

Egan, along with coauthor and Duke University's Nicholas School of Environment associate professor Megan Mullin, however, foreseen a problem if Americans think climate change has benefited their lives. With that said, Americans will have less motivation to call for action or policy changes responding to global warming.

"Weather patterns in recent decades have been a poor source of motivation for Americans to demand policies to combat the climate change problem," Mullin observed. "But without serious efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, year-round climates ultimately will become much less pleasant."

Climate Change Effects 

The researchers also warned that as climate change brings warmer winters and temperate summers, those shift in weather conditions will have drastic reversal by the end of the century. Researchers stressed that summers may heat up to uncomfortable temperatures, Los Angeles Times notes.

Even though parts of the United States have been gulped by the sea, have experienced the worst drought and have smashed by huge storms in recent years, most of the country has been enjoying in more favorable weather changes. Hence, many Americans may not recognize that these effects will extremely change.

While many have been lulled into complacency when it comes to climate change effects, there's still cascading problems in the future, such as coastal inundation, drought, health problems and food insecurity. Experts also warned global warming initiatives might be too late for the looming radical reversal, The Guardian reports.

"The changes brought about by global warming have increased pleasant weather," Egan said. "But when that switches, it may be too late for policy changes to make an impact."

Egan also stressed that policymakers should convince the public that the effects of climate change can cause major problems. Pennsylvania State University lead climate scientist Michael Mann also echoed the researchers' sentiments, saying living conditions will deteriorate with further global warming.

Earth Day 2016 And Paris Agreement 

Meanwhile, the latest climate change study was published amid the Earth Day 2016 celebrations. According to Daily Mirror, the Earth Day festivities will take place on Apr. 22, which is also the day when at least 130 countries will sign the Paris Agreement on climate change.

So, what do you think about the effects of climate change today? Sound off below and follow Parent Herald for more news and updates.

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