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Children Sue Trump On Climate Change

Children  2 May '17

Climate Change, Donald Trump: 21 Children Sue The President On Behalf Of The Environment

Children are seeking justice for the environment in a climate change lawsuit filed against President Donald Trump.

Bill Nye Wants Big Families Penalized

Parenting  28 April '17

Bill Nye Wants American Parents With 'Extra Kids' Punished; Suggests Sterilization, Abortion As Climate Change Fix

Bill Nye and his panel had a few controversial ideas for population control and one viewer compared this to Hitler.

Girl Sues India Government Over Climate Change

Children  11 April '17

Climate Change Crisis: 9-Year-Old Sues Government For Failure To Implement Environmental Laws

Ridhima Pandey, 9, filed her lawsuit with the National Green Tribunal upon a lawyer's advise and with the support of her parents who are environmentalists.

Climate Change And Low Birth Weight

Health  3 March '17

Climate Change And Baby Weight: Extreme Weathers Increase Risk For Low Birth Weight, Says Study

Turns out, global warming also affects the weight of infants and pregnant moms should take heed.

Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye | National Geographic

Family Life  25 February '17

Raising Kids When Climate Change Threats Exist? Here's What One Group Is Doing To Help Parents

There's another problem parents are facing when it comes to having kids and it's one that affects everyone globally and threatens the future.

Meet the teen suing Obama over climate change

Teens/Young Adults  7 December '16

Squad Goals: 21 Teenagers And Children File Lawsuit Against US Government For Not Guarding Them From Threat Of Climate Change

If permitted to advance forward, 21 young plaintiffs from Oregon will ask the court to hold US government accountable for disrespecting all their rights to property, equal protection, liberty and life. Now the young complainants are preparing for the day.

Kids Allowed By Court To Sue US Government On Climate Change

Health  28 November '16

Kids To Take Feds, Trump To Court Over Climate Change

Twenty-one children haev been given the legal standign to sue the United States government and maybe even Presdient-elect Donald Trump for causign climate change.

President Barak Obama and President-Elect Donald Trump

News  18 November '16

What Does U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump Know About Global Warming, Climate Change?

What does Donald Trump believe about global warming and climate change? What are the effects of Trump pulling out from Paris Agreement on Climate Change?

Catherine Nicole (Ed) Mikaela Francheska Zubera Ankita Michelle

Science  15 October '16

Comet Hit Earth 56 Million Years Ago; What Does It Mean In Today’s Climate Change

Today's global warming can be traced on a comet hitting the Earth millions of years ago.

'Before The Flood' Special Screening

Celebrity Daddy(Soft News)  10 October '16

Did Leonardo DiCaprio White House Climate Change Speech Hit A Sideswipe At Donald Trump?

Leonardo DiCaprio in a speech at the White House about "Before The Flood," told audiences that "climate change deniers should not hold public office."

Greenland Ice-Cap Draws Global Warming Tourists

Music.Art.STEM  29 September '16

Climate Change Education: Schools Should Double Effort So Kids Can Prepare For Climate Change Effects

The are many hindrances in teaching climate change in schools, but that may soon change as government leaders have lodged the Climate Change Education Act. Will schools take on the challenge?

Leonardo DiCaprio

Celebrity Daddy(Soft News)  26 September '16

Hollywood A-Lister Leonardo DiCaprio Set To Meet With President Barack Obama To Talk About Climate Change

United States President Barack Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio are reportedly set to meet to talk about climate change.

Global Warming Imapcts On Australian Antarctic Territory

School  8 July '16

Is Climate Change an Educational Issue? Experts Seem to Think So

Many experts are now highlighting the links between education and the issue of climate change.

First Family Returns To White House From Martha's Vineyard Vacation

Travel  22 June '16

Obama Family Summer Vacation: United States President Highlights Climate Change In Park Visit

President Barack Obama talked about climate change as his family went on vacation by visiting national parks.

From Moonscape To Lake District: East Germany's Coal Mines

Music.Art.STEM  26 May '16

Climate Change Facts: Portland Schools Dropping Textbooks Denying Climate Change? 'We're Updating Science Materials,' Says Spokesperson

It took officials of the schools to deliberate on this decision and the parents, students and experts were also involved.

McDonald's Launches Low Fat Happy Meal For Kids

Technology  24 May '16

Nutrition: App That Lets Kids See Environmental Impact Of Their Food Choices Being Developed

A new app to let kids see the impact of their food choices to the environment is being developed.

Black Truffle Harvest In Sarrion

Science  14 May '16

165 Years Of Global Warming Shown In A Spiral Image: Reveals The Severity Of Climate Change

The scientist perfectly summed up the worsening scenario of global warming on Earth.

Scenes Of Lady Elliot Barrier Reef Eco Island

Science  13 May '16

Climate Change Effect: Coral Bleaching Damaging Great Barrier Of Reef

"We've never seen anything like this scale of bleaching before. In the northern Great Barrier Reef, it's like 10 cyclones have come ashore all at once," Terry Hughes of the National Coral Bleaching Taskforce described.

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Diamond Jubilee Tour - Day 7

Science  10 May '16

Climate Change 2016 News & Update: Rising Sea Levels Vanish Five Solomon Islands In The West Pacific; Global Warming Blamed?

For years, the world has been experiencing the radical changes brought by climate change. But despite global efforts to thwart the effects of global warming, it continues to worsen as time goes by.

Israeli's Cool Off As Temperatures Soar In The Middle East

Science  5 May '16

Climate Change Scare: North America, Middle East Will Be Dilapidated Due To Global Warming

The effects of global warming now reflects to the world.

Cornish Town Holds Second Home Referendum

Science  4 May '16

The Effects Of Global Warming: Oceans Experiencing Low Oxygen Level, Study Says

The effects of climate change and global warming are now taking its toll in the oceans.

Polar Bears At San Francisco Zoo Get 10 Tons Of Fresh Snow

School  21 April '16

Climate Change Forces Polar Bears To Swim Farther For Food Due to Melting Ice Caps

Polar bears are forced to swim longer distances in search for food because of the melting summer sea ice due to climate change.

California's Central Valley Impacted By Major Drought

Music.Art.STEM  21 April '16

Climate Change Making US Weather More Pleasant? Experts Warn Global Warming Initiatives May Be Too Late For Looming Drastic Reversal Amid Earth Day 2016 Celebrations

Researchers have found that Americans have experienced preferable weather conditions over the past four decades. However, experts warn for imminent radical changes as temperatures rise.

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