Zika Virus In Canada: Two Pregnant Women With Zika Infection Have Been Confirmed

By Daniel Joseph, Parent Herald April 22, 06:00 am

A total of two pregnant women has tested positive for Zika virus in Canada. Fortunately, health officials say that Canadians have nothing to worry about.

The two pregnant women are among the seven British Columbians who tested positive for Zika virus in Canada after visiting Zika-affected countries, Today's Parent reports. "This number of seven people testing positive is just over one percent of that number, so it indicates a pretty low level of exposure," B.C. Centre for Disease Control epidemiologist Dr. David Patrick said via Today's Parent.

As of this time, all of the seven Zika-infected British Columbians have not been hospitalized. There have also been no reports about the two Zika-infected pregnant women having any pregnancy complication. "It's a bit frightening for these two women, that's for sure, and we're going to have to wait and see," B.C.'s deputy medical health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry explains.

There are several ways for people who live in areas with Zika epidemic to prevent getting infected with the mosquito-borne disease. Staying in places with secure windows and doors, removing stagnant water around the area, proper application and re-application of mosquito repellent, wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants, avoiding skin care products with strong scents and sleeping under a mosquito net are some of the best ways to avoid Zika virus transmission, Fox News reports.

These seven British Columbians are included in the 50 confirmed cases of Zika virus in Canada. Experts believe that there is a very little possibility for a Zika virus epidemic in Canada.

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