Baby-Naming Services: Parents-To-Be Can Now Hire A Firm To Decide On Baby Names

By John Drowne, Parent Herald April 26, 10:47 pm

Parents-to-be who are having a hard time deciding on baby names can now get out of the dilemma. Firms offering baby-naming services are on the rise in the United States and Europe.

CBS News reports that a handful of parents-to-be are now relying on firms that provide professional help in making a decision on a baby name. These baby-naming services are handled by experts and historians who usually charge hundreds to thousands of dollars.

The Rise Of Baby-Naming Services

Firms that offer baby-naming services promise to develop distinctive names for parents-to-be. Erfolgswelle, a Swiss company that is popular for offering such service, has a team of naming experts, legal professionals and historians who focus on creating internally unique baby names. The company charges around $30,000 for every single baby name it develops.

According to Jennifer Moss, founder and chief executive officer of, parents who have money to spare are the ones who avail baby-naming services. Moss, who once worked as a professional baby-name consultant to some celebrities and wealthy people, said that baby-naming services have been thriving because of the pressure to come up with something unique.

Why Parents Opt For Baby-Naming Services

Aside from the pressure of coming up with something unique, there are other reasons why some parents-to-be are willing to spend thousands of dollars for baby names. Sherri Suzanne, founder of baby-naming company My Name for Life in New York, said the stress of making a decision, disagreement among partners and the idea of exploring baby names are some of the top reasons why expectant parents opted for her professional help.

Polly Mosendz of Bloomberg said that baby-naming services have been around since long before this trend started to boom in the U.S. and Europe. She cited that spiritual leaders from South Korea and India have been helping parents to name a child by reviewing local culture, scripture and astrology.

Is it practical to avail these baby-naming services? Is it reasonable to pay thousands of dollars for baby names? Share your thoughts below.

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