Women Empowerment: Women are the Future of Marijuana Legalization

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald April 27, 07:20 am

Women are becoming more aggressive in fighting for medical marijuana legalization. Women could possibly lead the legalization of marijuana across the globe.

According to She Knows, women are breaking the stereotype that men are more likely to smoke marijuana. It was mentioned that women nowadays are venturing the wonders of smoking marijuana in alleviating their daily stress.

Cheri Sicard, a writer shared her experience in using medical marijuana. Sicard defied the norms as she tried using medical marijuana in her late 30s. She started smoking marijuana after it was recommended to help her cope with her medical ailment.

"It worked amazing, and took care of a bunch of other things I had going on that I didn't even know I was taking it for, but they disappeared," Sicard told SheKnows. "What I found was that everything I'd been taught was a lie."

Sicard took the time in explaining women tend to stick to the stigma that their male counterparts are more entitled to smoking marijuana. This being said, she strongly encourages her female peers to open up about their thoughts in considering medical marijuana as one of the most efficient medical advancement.

"Women often feel the stigma of marijuana a little more strongly, I think, than their male counterpart so there's been more resistance to it," Sicard added. "Women also face health conditions that can be strongly aided by marijuana, as well as parenting issues - many parents are concerned about the availability of weed to their children and teens."

Aside from Cheri Sicard, Mieko Hester-Perez, who is a board member of NORML Women's Alliance also shared her insights on medical marijuana. Perez openly shared that she opted to provide medical marijuana for her sick child, it was even emphasized that what she provided was not the THC-free option according to Mint Press.

As the years progress, women are more empowered in giving out their option. Will their stand in having medical marijuana legalized provide a positive result? Let us know your thoughts in regards to medical marijuana. Feel free to place your opinions of the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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