'Clash of Clans' 2016 News & Update: Supercell Condemns Cheating To Ban Cheaters' Accounts; Xmodgames Responds And Takes This As A Challenge

The popular mobile game, "Clash of Clans" has been one of the most played games for years. Since last December, Supercell has been plagued with complaints following their "Clash of Clans" update. This time, the team is busy dealing with "CoC" cheaters and they are planning to ban gamers who will continue with their unfair playing scheme.

Supercell Condemns "Clash of Clans" And "Clash Royale" Cheaters

Neurogadget reported that Supercell is not happy with "Clash of Clans" and "Clash Royale" players who want an easy win in their games. The team wants players who use bots, mods, hacks and any other third party software to delete it from their devices and encourages everyone to play the games normally and fairly.

Supercell Will Ban "Clash of Clans" Cheaters

Supercell has finally spoken up about their stand on "Clash of Clans" gamers who cheat. On their website, the team announced that "COC" players who use third party software are banned for two-weeks and if they continue with their playing strategy, they will have to bid goodbye to "Clash of Clans" because their account will be banned for good.

"Accounts found using 3rd party software have been banned for 2-weeks," Supercell wrote. "When those 2-weeks are up, any accounts continuing to utilize 3rd party software will be permanently banned. Bans are non-negotiable. Please uninstall any related 3rd Party Software now to avoid account suspension. "

Xmodgames Takes Supercell's Suspension As A Challenge

While Supercell is ardent in convincing gamers to play fair in "Clash of Clans," Xmodgames is as ardent in keeping their application usable to "COC" players. In fact, they took Supercell's announcement as a challenge.

Per Touch Arcade, Xmodgames will not give up with "Clash of Clans." In a tweet, they announced that they would improve their anti-detection algorithms. The report notes that this thing has always been a cat and mouse game in online games. The developers will figure out how people cheat and ban them. Then the hackers will figure out how developers detect them and will update their cheats, so they won't be detected. The process repeats.

Do you cheat when playing "Clash of Clans?" Do you support Supercell's fair play game or do you support Xmodgames? Share your thoughts below.

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