‘Longmire’ Season 5 Spoilers, News & Updates: Possible Complications In Vic And Walt’s Romance

"Longmire" Season 5 is currently in the midst of production and there is not much known about the upcoming season of the Netflix drama. Spoilers, however, reveal that there will be complications in Walt and Vic's romance along with the introduction of an Irish crime family.

This article contains spoilers. Read on if you want to learn more about this story.

"Longmire" Season 5 is expected to see the return of former characters and introduce some new faces. While it is always a joy to see new characters joining the series, it turns out some of these new characters are bound to make things complicated for Vic and Walt.

In an earlier interview with Hunt Baldwin, the showrunner told Yahoo! TV that Vic and Walt's romance is something that fans and viewers are expecting to see in "Longmire" Season 5. Baldwin shared that while there is definitely something going on between the two, they are bound to face some complications in their relationship.

"Obviously, I think that most fans know that there's some interesting tension between her and Walt. But there are also some new characters entering the world that are going to complicate that," he said.

"Longmire" Season 5 spoilers further hint that Walt will find himself busy dealing with an Irish crime family in the upcoming season. According to Carter Matt, the show is looking to cast members of an Irish crime family who may have some connections to a drug-related murder.

This could be one of the cases that Walt and Vic will be dealing with in "Longmire" Season 5. Walt will also have to find out who was behind the attack during the Season 4 finale.

Louis Herthum also confirmed that his character, Omar, will be returning in "Longmire" Season 5. The actor also thanked his fans for their support.

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