'Dog Meat' Business Subsides; Dogs Are Now Looking For Adoptive Parents

Dogs from a South Korean meat farm were rescued by a shelter from New Jersey. Through the efforts of the Humane Society International, the dogs that were supposed to be eaten in South Korea were spared.

Yahoo News mentioned that 170 dogs landed in a shelter in New Jersey while the other 80 dogs were given to adoptive parents. The dogs were spared as the Korean dog meat farmer decided to shy away from his career in butchering dogs. Dog meat is a stable in most Asian countries while it may seem taboo to the Western world.

The dog meat farm owner, Gong In-Young from Wonju, South Korea, was the one who personally asked for help. Andrew Plumbly, the Humane Society campaign manager told the reporters that Gong no longer wants to butcher dogs and decided to have them rescued instead.

"In our experience," Plumbly stated. "Many dog-meat farmers are keen to leave this business behind them, and come under increasing pressure from their children to end dog breeding and killing."

Consuming dog meat is not unusual for people in the town of Wonju. Each dog is being sold for $200 depending on its size. Though Gong admitted that he never loved the idea of selling dog meat, it is, however, his only way to earn and make a living.

Eating dog meat is customary in South Korea, especially during the Bok Nai festival. As the times progressed; however, the younger generation are no longer in favor of consuming dog meat, even if it's for customary purposes.

The dogs will undergo several medical testing in before being put up for adoption as per NBC New York. The dog will have to go through physical and emotional screening to ensure that they are in good health.

Dog meat consumption is customary in some countries including Nepal, Vietnam and the Philippines. Do you think dog meat should be prohibited? Do let us know your thoughts in regards to "dog meat consumption."

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