Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Specs, News & Update: Microsoft Eyeing To Make Surface Pro 4 A Big Hit; Surface Pro 5 Might Not Be Launched This Year

By Jonnalyn Carter, Parent Herald May 03, 02:10 am

In spite of the entire rumors surrounding the release of Microsoft Surface Pro 5, there is a big chance the hybrid laptop might not be launched this year. This is might be because of Microsoft price reduction over the Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4 in hope to make the latter a bigger hit.

According to News Every Day, Microsoft has cut off $200 on the price of Surface Pro 3, while $150 for Surface Pro 4 to strike in the market. But aside from the slashed costs, there are several reasons why Surface Pro 5 will not be coming this 2016.

Surface Pro 4 Aiming For Big Hits

Microsoft is eyeing to make the Surface Pro 4 a big hit in the market. As Surface Pro 4 has been launched for six months now, it has been making noise with its hardware specs and well-received.

However, because of the glitches and bugs Surface Pro 4 has in its software, it didn't get the success it is expected to have. To make things better, Microsoft released a vast update for the Surface Pro 4 to fix the malfunctions.

New Processor And Software Are Not Yet Available

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 has been said to carry a new and improved processor by Intel. The next generation mainframe will be called Kaby Lake and is expected to be released in the last quarter of 2016.

There are also swirling rumors that Microsoft is waiting for the latest operating system software. As reported, Microsoft will depend on the release date of Surface Pro 5 to match the arrival of the new OS, as per Christian Times.

It seems that Microsoft is doing the same strategy Google is employing for the next unveiling of Nexus. The publication claimed Google, too, is putting off the release of Nexus for the new Android operating system.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Advance Specs

Microsoft promises to deliver a better hybrid laptop with the Surface Pro 5. Aside from the Kaby Lake processor, Surface Pro 5 is set to have USB 3.1 support and might be equipped with USB Type-C ports from Lumia smartphones.

Also, Surface Pro 5 has will have an improved 4K video playback experience. As rumors have it, Surface Pro 5 will have the Surface Pen stylus accessory, which may have a rechargeable battery, Daily Express reported.

Do you think Surface Pro 5 will really be delayed? Share us your thoughts. Write your comments below.

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