Booming for Boomers: Cannabis Consumption is Becoming More Acceptable For Individuals Aging 55 And Up

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald May 03, 02:29 am

Cannabis consumption within the boomers is becoming rampant. Research revealed that Americans ages 55 and up are into cannabis usage.

As cannabis legalization continues to expand, marijuana consumption is becoming more acceptable. States that were once against the thought of having access to cannabis (especially for medical consumption) are now open in terms of exploring the possibilities of medical cannabis.

Booming in Boomers

According to CBS News, the boomers (individuals born during the WWII era) are more open in using medical cannabis. Due to its medical properties, the older generation would opt for a more organic product in having their ailments relieved.

Medical cannabis is said to sooth pains and aches caused by aging. Regular cannabis consumption also gives older people regular sleep pattern and gives them a good night's sleep. Aside from the physical benefits of cannabis consumption, it was also mentioned that it makes them feel young and hip, which is good for their mental state.

Testimonies from an Advocate

 "Number one is arthritis," Sue Taylor, a 68-year-old cannabis user said. "There are tinctures and rubs that you could actually put on your legs, on your knees, across your back, wherever you're having any arthritic pain. Most seniors use the cannabis for pain and to sleep. It has the consistency of a gummy and I use it for sleep and pain when I need to."

Legalization = Easy Access for Teens?

As cannabis legalization grows most adults were concerned that it might give their teen's easy access. Despite its rapid growth in becoming more acceptable in the society, it does not, however lighten the accessibility of cannabis among teenagers.

According to Science Direct, a study entitled "Legalization of marijuana in Washington had no effect on teens' access to drug," pointed out that legalization does not affect access. New evidence surfaced answering the question that the legalization in 2012 DOES NOT increase a teenager's access to cannabis.

As the growth in cannabis industry continues to expand, should cannabis be legalized in all states? Do let us know your thoughts by sharing them on the comment section below.

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