Artificial Intelligence Latest Update: Why Microsoft Cofounder Bill Gates Say AI Is Not A Threat To Humanity

By Kristine Walker, Parent Herald May 03, 06:20 am

Many are still wary about the effects of future artificial intelligence in humanity. But Microsoft cofounder and the world's richest man Bill Gates says AI won't be a threat, instead it will be "extremely helpful" in managing human lives.

The actively evolving field of artificial intelligence has revolutionized the healthcare, business and education sectors around the world. AI also continues to prove its ubiquity by making great advances in technology and robotics but many warn about the existential risks of artificial intelligence.

Bill Gates And Artificial Intelligence

Bill Gates is a big believer of the potential of artificial intelligence and technology. In fact, Gates recently urges educators, investors and tech companies to make more efforts in investing time and money on technology, emphasizing the significance of artificial intelligence-driven educational programs in eliminating the equity gap, as previously reported.

Despite the threats of artificial intelligence, Gates claimed the risks of AI software becoming "super smart" is not at the horizon. He also told "Squawk Box" that artificial intelligence will be very useful in managing human lives in the next decade or two.

In addition, Gates also said the artificial intelligence software dubbed as "alter-ego software" is going to be human' new assistant that will manage emails, texts and all other information flooding in the computers or smartphones. Thus, AI would make humans far more productive, CNBC notes.

"It will look at all the new information and present to you, knowing about your interests, what would be most valuable," Gates predicted. "What we're [also] seeing is, for the first time, computers can see as well as humans. If you combine that with arm-like manipulation, then they could make us far more productive."

Gates also said Microsoft, along with the Google unit Alphabet, Facebook and Apple, are making big developments in artificial intelligence. However, the 60-year-old business magnate acknowledged the job market will need to adjust to more machines doing routine work.

Bill Gates And Education Technology

In addition to artificial intelligence software, Bill Gates is also planning to revolutionize education by developing an artificial intelligence-driven platform called "personalized learning." In fact, Gates has invested more than $240 million to the education technology project through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Verge reveals.

Artificial Intelligence Vs. Emotional Intelligence

According to Yuval Noah Harari, a history professor and author of the international bestseller "Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind," the development of artificial intelligence may make humans useless even when it comes to emotional intelligence. Harari explained that future AI may be able to detect humans' emotional needs and could react appropriately to them.

"AI doesn't even come close to human emotion since it has no consciousness or mind and doesn't feel anything," Harari said, as per Korea Herald. "[But] AI today is able to diagnose your personality and emotional state by looking at your face and recognizing tiny muscle movements. It can tell [emotions] even though AI itself doesn't feel [it]. In the future, AI could drive humans out of the job market and make many humans completely useless, from an economic perspective."

Artificial Intelligence Takes Over Job Market

Harari also highlighted humans' two basic abilities - physical and cognitive. He said if artificial intelligence-driven machines replaced humans in physical abilities, they can still look for jobs that require cognitive abilities but when AI becomes better and smarter than humans, it could result in a new group of economically unproductive people.

Do you agree with Bill Gates' claims that artificial intelligence is not a threat to mankind? Sound off below and follow Parent Herald for more news and updates.

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