E-Cigarettes Effective In Helping Smokers Quit The Habit

By Catherine Armecin, Parent Herald May 04, 02:22 am

More and more individuals are enticed into using an e-cigarette. Previous studies suggest that vaping is not healthy and can't help smokers quit the habit. However, according to new reports, e-cigarettes offer some benefits. In fact, it can save lives.

E-Cigarettes Don't Help Smokers Quit

There is a split thought about e-cigarettes helping smokers quit the habit. CBS News reported that vaping don't help. In fact, a report published in the Lancet Respiratory Medicine claimed that adult smokers who turned to e-cigarettes are 28 percent less likely to quit smoking cigarettes.

"As currently being used, e-cigarettes are associated with significantly less quitting among smokers," said first author Dr.. ara Kalkhoran. "E-cigarettes should not be recommended as effective smoking cessation aids until there is evidence that, as promoted and used, they assist smoking cessation."

"The irony is that quitting smoking is one of the main reasons both adults and kids use e-cigarettes, but the overall effect is less, not more, quitting," co-author Stanton A. Glantz added.

Doctors Disagree That E-cigarettes Don't Help Smokers

Per the Daily Caller, the doctors don't support the controversial study published by Kalkhoran and Glantz. They claimed that there are several flaws in the analysis of the said study and insisted that 20 percent of smokers who use e-cigarettes quit. In fact, it has similar or higher success rates in cohorts of smokers who initially had no interest in quitting.

The report notes that in a study of UK stop smoking services, smokers who quit through e-cigarettes have higher quit rates than other treatments. The said rate was excluded in the Kalkhoran and Glantz's meta-analysis.

RCP Claims Supports Claim That Vaping Is Helpful To Smokers

Royal College of Physicians (RCP) also believes that e-cigarettes are helpful. In fact, it can save lives. "Smokers who use nicotine products as a means of cutting down on smoking are more likely to make quit attempts," RCP notes per reason.com.

RCP believes that promoting the use of consumer nicotine products like e-cigarettes can help smokers quit the habit. "Smokers should be reassured that these products can help them quit all tobacco use forever," said John Britton, chair of RCP's Tobacco Advisory Group about e-cigarettes.

Do you believe that e-cigarettes can help smokers quit? Share your thoughts below.

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