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2010 CeBIT Technology Fair

Science  11 May '16

Artificial Intelligence News & Update: AI Online TA Jill Watson Successfully Fooled Students

Ashok Goel created an AI teaching assistant and his students did not recognize it.

UK Film Premiere: Valkyrie - Arrivals

News  11 May '16

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise Split: 'Dawson's Creek' Alum Fears She Might Lose Suri Due To Scientology

According to reports, Katie Holmes split with Tom Cruise due to her fears that she will lose their daughter Suri to Scientology.

5th Annual Values Voter Summit

News  11 May '16

The Duggars News & Update: '19 Kids And Counting' Star Michelle Duggar Slammed For Misidentifying Daughter On Facebook; Jill And Derick No Jessa During The Mother's Day

According to reports, Michelle Duggar misidentified her daughter on a post on Facebook. Meanwhile, Jessa and Jill did not greet their mom on Mother's Day.

The 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Show

TV/ Movie  10 May '16

'Orange Is The New Black' Season 4 Spoilers: New Season To Feature Alex, Piper And Stella Love Triangle; Taryn Manning Leaving The Show

According to reports, "Orange Is The New Black" season 4 may feature love triangle again .Meanwhile, there are rumors that Taryn Manning's character will be killed in the series.

Next Generation Video Games Unveiled

Games  10 May '16

'Tekken 7' Released Date, News & Update: Title Coming Out To PS4 And Xbox One Later This Year?

According to news reports, "Tekken 7" will be coming out late this year and will be available to PS4 and Xbox One.

'Beetlejuice' Tribeca Drive-In Screening - 2013 Tribeca Film Festival

TV/ Movie  10 May '16

'Beetlejuice 2' Release Date, News & Update: Is The Film Still Happening?

Some sources suggest that "Beetlejuice 2" is confirmed while other sources claim that it is not. Is "Beetlejuice 2" happening?

NBC's 'Grimm' Press Line - Comic-Con International 2013

TV/ Movie  10 May '16

'Grimm' Season 5 Spoilers: Zuri Will Continue To Fool Hank, Renard And Adalind To Rekindle Romance; NBC To Extend Season 6 Episodes

According to new reports, Zuri will continue to fool Hank. However, Hank will soon be aware of the different world other than the one he is currently living.

WE Day California

TV/ Movie  10 May '16

'Girl Meets World' Season 3 Air Date, News & Update: Three New Casts Join The Series; Watch The New Promo Here [VIDEO]

The new promo trailer of "Girl Meets World" season 3 is already out. Watch it here.

100th Episode Celebration For CBS' 'Criminal Minds'

TV/ Movie  10 May '16

'Criminal Minds' News & Update: CBS Renewed The TV Series For Season 12

Good news, CBS has already renewed "Criminal Minds" for season 12.

World AIDS Day In Seoul

Body  9 May '16

HIV News: Some HIV Positive Individuals Suffers NO Symptoms At All; Learn More About Elite Controllers And Their Potential Contribution To Ending HIV

According to reports, elite controllers do not suffer any HIV symptoms because they produces antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) antibodies that controls the growth of the virus.

An Electronic Cigarette Is An Anti Smoking Health Device

Body  9 May '16

FDA E-Cigarette Regulation Triggers A Black Market Demand, Angers Business Owners Furious

According to reports, FDA's new e-cigarette regulation receives an intense backlash from e-cigarette business owners.

Player Tries To Master The Newly Released Grand Theft Auto IV

Games  9 May '16

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Release Date, News & Update: Developer Confirms News Details At E3 2016; Will Square Enix Announce Its Release Date?

According to new reports, Square Enix will announce the release date of "Kingdom Hearts 3" soon.

2013 Summer TCA Tour - Day 4

TV/ Movie  9 May '16

'The Blacklist' Season 3 Spoilers: Task Force Will Operate Outside The Law To Revenge Liz's Death; Reddington To Have A Face Off With Alexander Kirk?

According to "The Blacklist" Season 3 spoilers, the Task Force will be involved in robbery. Meanwhile, Red will be up against Alexander Kirk.

Apple Hopes For Strong Christmas Season

Technology  9 May '16

MacBook Pro 2016 Releases Date, News & Update: New MacBook Pro Will Be The Cheapest Apple Laptop? 4 Features Confirmed

According to new reports, MacBook Pro 2016 will be better and cheaper.

'Sex Tape' - Photocall

Fertility  9 May '16

Cameron Diaz Pregnancy News: 'Sex Tape' Star Thinks Marriage Is A Double-Edged Sword, Still Not Pregnant

Cameron Diaz speaks about her marriage with Benji Madden, feels thankful for him.

GC (Games Convention) 2007

Games  9 May '16

'Five Nights At Freddy's' News & Update: Remake Coming To Consoles, Springtrap Returns; 'Five Nights At Freddy's: Sister Location' Will Not Have An Early Release

According to new reports, the "Five Nights at Freddy's" remake will be coming out to consoles like Wii U.

The World Premiere Of Marvel's 'Captain America: Civil War' - Red Carpet

TV/ Movie  9 May '16

'Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice' Vs 'Captain America: Civil War': Which Film Stands Out In Showing Superhero Rivalry Marvel Or DC?

According to reports, "Captain America: Civil War's" plot and sales are better than "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice."

HBO's 'Game Of Thrones' Panel And Q&A - Comic-Con International 2014

TV/ Movie  9 May '16

'The Winds of Winter' Release Date, News & Update: George RR Martin Works Overtime To Finish 'TWOW'; Will There Be A May Launch?

According to new reports, George RR Martin works overtime to finish "The Winds of Winter." The celebrity author will be attending Balticon and might give new details about his upcoming book.

Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Of TLC's '19 Kids and Counting' Book Signing

News  8 May '16

The Duggars News & Update: '19 Kids And Counting' Star Michelle Duggar Thinks Laundry And Changing Diapers Are Darker Experience Than Having To Deal With Josh's Scandal

Michelle Duggar claimed that the lowest point in her life is not about Josh's controversial sex scandal but it was about parenting duties like changing diapers and laundry.

The Paley Center For Media's 32nd Annual PALEYFEST LA - 'The Good Wife' - Arrivals

TV.Movie  7 May '16

'The Good Wife' Season 7 Finale Spoilers: Series Will Have 'Surprising But Inevitable' Finale; Will's Death Pulled The Show Down

According to reports, "The Good Wife" season 7 will have a surprising and inevitable ending.

One Month Old Quadruplets Leave Tongji Hospital

Development  7 May '16

Study: Babies Don't Imitate Adults, It Was The Other Way Around

According to a new study, adults are the ones who imitate the babies and babies learn the skill.

Screening Of ABC's 'Once Upon A Time' Season 4 - Arrivals

TV/ Movie  7 May '16

'Once Upon A Time' Season 5 Spoilers: Baby Hood's Name Revealed, More Emma And Regina Team Up, No Deaths But Heartbreaks Instead

According to new reports, it is still unsure if someone will die in the upcoming "Once Upon A Time" season 5 episode.

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