FDA E-Cigarette Regulation Triggers A Black Market Demand, Angers Business Owners Furious

E-cigarettes are popular to smokers who want to quit smoking. However, according to reports, the new Food and Drug Adminisration's (FDA) regulations have received an intense backlash from the vaping community.

FDA's New E-Cigarette Regulations

According to KWTX, the FDA's new rules treat e-cigarettes like regular cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products. They ban minors from buying and urges manufacturers to register their business. Daily Caller added that FDA wanted to teach vapers how to make their own e-liquid, which could destroy the market by 99 percent.

According to the FDA, this could cost hundreds of dollars per product. However, Dustin Sovern, a businessman, who makes mouthpieces for e-cigarettes, hears that this regulation may cost business owners more.

"At least a million dollars per product," Sovern said. "And there's no guarantee that my product would be approved, and it's a non-refundable fee."

The new FDA regulations are also expected to affect small shops. In fact, it applies to any e-cigarette related products manufactured after 2007. "What product am I going to be able to sell, you know, if nobody's able to go through the application process," said Misty Burke. She further argued that their business will no longer have anything to sell to customers.

Per the reports, e-cigarette business owners were furious for the new regulations. In fact, it received an intense backlash from them.

FDA Wants E-Cigarettes To Move From Retail To Home Mixing

Sovern added that this regulation would cost him his job and would close down his business. The new regulation is actually intended to end up this way.

"With the thread of tens of thousands of vape shops potential closing their doors and most manufacturers calling it quits, the millions of people in the US that vape are stuck between giving up their vice or 'moving underground,'" said White Clouds Vaping in a press release.

"We were expecting to see this industry move from the retail store to home-mixing, but we were surprised how quickly it happened," it continued. "There are thousands of people that are about to lose their job or their business from their regulations and its sad to see how much innovation is being 'bullied' out of business."

FDA Regulations Force Consumers To Turn To The Black Market

Per the report, with the new FDA regulation, more than 90 percent would turn to the black market. Meanwhile, over one-fifth of vapers who already quit smoking responded that they would turn to cigarettes.

Additionally, 46 percent planned to increase the amount they smoke. This suggests that e-cigarette smokers would continue to use their choice even if they have to breach the law.

Another scenario presented was selling e-cigarettes devices legally but all e-liquid and e-cigarettees would have tobacco or menthol flavors. Almost 90 percent of those surveyed revealed that they would still find alternative ways to get their favorite flavor.

What do you think of the new FDA's e-cigarette regulations? Are they being too inconsiderate for e-cigarettes business owners? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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