5 Financial Problems Of Couples That Are Causes Of Arguments

Couples often face a lot of problems in their daily life especially with regards to their family's security. Solving family problems is a shared responsibility for couples but there are times when the problem is so big and the solution is scarce, it usually ends up in an argument.

According to the Huffington Post, married couples who argue with any kind of financial issue have a greater risk of having a divorce. Sonya Britt, who is the lead researcher of a study about correlation between financial arguments and decreased relationship satisfaction at Kansas State University, emphasized that for both women and men, money issue is likely the reason for divorce than anything else.

Money Issues of Couples

1. Debt

Being open to your partner about your spending habits and financial debts may help comprehend the problem but it doesn't really fix it. Hiding your debts and bad spending habits will just make it worst because it might surprise your partner one day if your partner finds out how financially problematic your lives are.

2. Delinquency

Couples living together usually share the responsibility of paying loans and bills but there are some couples who wants to take specific obligations when it comes to paying those. If your partner becomes delinquent because of unpredicted expenses, you will be obliged to cover his delinquency which affects your budgeting. This usually becomes the source of argument.

3. Secret spending of shared money

This also correlates to delinquency because a person who has a habit of spending secretly the money from joint accounts may lead to financial shortage. When your partner finds out, it usually starts from blaming then leads to a bigger fight.

4. Budget for Children

Though the money means nothing if the parents will see their child growing up a better person but the sacrifices made by the parents isn't easy. When it comes to financing a child a child, arguments are always there. For example, one parent desires to have a much cheaper education for the child but the other parent disagrees because of the funds needed. Most couples fight over this kind of issue.

5. Extended Family Needs

When you get married, it doesn't mean that you have to leave your responsibility as the eldest child of your parents or the oldest of your siblings. You have to spend money sometimes to answer their needs and this can cause financial shortage which can cause an argument with your partner.

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