Health News & Updates: Republican Party Under Fire For Rejecting Medical Marijuana; Doctors Want To Push Its Use

By Dianne Franc, Parent Herald May 06, 12:00 am

The Republican Party is making rounds online from Ted Cruz quitting the presidential race to Gov. Bruce Rauner rejecting medical marijuana as a treatment to lots of known diseases on May 2 in Illinois. Doctors who believe that medical marijuana could help treat diseases like diabetes and some mental illness are criticizing Rauner's stand on the matter.

The Chicago Tribune reported that marijuana is now being embraced by a lot of medical professionals that they would recommend it to 10 known diseases in which Type 1 Diabetes is one of them. A lot of doctors and other medical practitioners didn't like the fact that their ideas on expanding the state's test program on marijuana are being ignored.

These professionals are still waiting on what Gov. Rauner's final say about the subject of using marijuana to treat patients with diabetes, depressive disorder and Lyme disease just to name a few. The Chairman of the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board, Dr. Leslie Mendoza Temple, said that it would appear that the government regarding this matter is not hearing their voices. 

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The state's Department of Public Health has ignored the board's recommendations regarding medical marijuana and the many diseases it could treat even in the past. Type 1 Diabetes is just among the many deadly diseases that marijuana could solve.

Based on the study cited by Health Line, patients would gain a lot of benefits using it. Medical marijuana has the ability to stabilize blood sugars and even act as an anti-inflammatory for diabetics whose arteries are inflamed.

Diabetic patients who find it hard to sleep due to their ailment could also find comfort and rest with the help of medical cannabis. There are many benefits that this herb has been proven to do in a person's body, which is why it is quite questionable for medical professionals why their motion to push its use is being ignored.

Do you think the government has something to do with the rejection of medical marijuana to be used as a treatment for many diseases? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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