Mother's Day: How To Survive And Celebrate When Mom Is Gone

By Rachel Cruise, Parent Herald May 06, 08:00 pm

Though millions of people will be celebrating and honoring their moms with flowers and gifts this Sunday, May 8, for Mother's Day, there will also be other people dreading the occasion. For those who have lost their moms, every Mother's Day is a challenging time. However, there are ways to get by and survive this day without losing your sanity.

1. Do The Stuff You Know Your Mom Would Love

Even if she's no longer around, you can still celebrate Mother's Day in a way that you know she'll enjoy. Does she have a favorite food or a favorite restaurant? Does she love Sunday gatherings with family? What do you think she'll want to do on this day? Continuing in the tradition, instead of avoiding Mother's Day, is the best way to honor a mom who's gone.

2. Celebrate With Your Siblings

Nothing pleases mothers more than to see her children getting along closely. They should bond often enough, even as they have separate lives. Perhaps you can finally do that family out-of-town trip on Sunday, before your siblings have to go back to the daily grind again. It might even be better if you do this without bringing your spouses and kids. Let it just be you and your brothers or sisters, like you were as little children.

3. Acknowledge The Other Mother Figures In Your Life

Do you have a favorite aunt? Are you drawn to your best friend's mother? Is your boss an encouraging mother hen? There must be other people around you who are like mother figures or whom you admire for their motherly ways. Why not honor them with small tokens or wishes for Mother's Day?

4. Live A Life That Will Make Your Momma Proud

Honoring and remembering your mom should extend beyond Mother's Day. So, if you continue to live a good life and practice and apply the values instilled by your mom, or instill the same values on your children, then this would be the biggest honor you can give her. Be a shining example of who she was as a mom by showing good will to others and spreading only positive influences.

Do you have any ideas for honoring departed moms on Mother's Day? Sound off in the comments!

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